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LG Cell Phone Batteries

How to Choose LG Cell Phone Batteries

Its always smart to have an additional phone battery on hand, because they may not last forever. If youre having problems with your LG phone, the battery could be the problem, and you can extend the lifespan of your phone by replacing its battery.

How Do You Choose the Right Battery?

Looking at LG phone batteries can quickly become confusing because there are many sizes, capacities, and model numbers involved. Batteries vary in price and amperage, so where do you start? There are a few things to consider when youre selecting the right battery for your phone.

  • Select a battery by your cell phone model. Youll need just the right battery for your phone, whether you have a G3, G4, V10, or G5. 
  • You should look at the batterys model number. Most LG phones take lithium-ion batteries, and every battery has a specific identification number. This is found on the battery itself or in the documentation that came with your phone. For instance, the G4 can take a battery with the ID number BL-51YF. Additionally, some batteries are compatible with more than one type of phone.
  • You can also look at the capacity of the battery, with capacity varying from less than 1000mAh to over 10000mAh.

Does Battery Capacity Matter?

The capacity of a battery is essentially its power or its life. Capacity is measured in ampere-hours, and the higher the number, the more power that batteries have and the longer your mobile device can go without a charge.

  • An mAh of 1000 means your battery wont need to be recharged until youve talked for up to five hours.
  • Batteries with 2000 mAh may last for over 10 hours.
  • Selecting a battery with 3000 mAh may run for up to 15 hours (or an entire day), but battery capacity depends on multiple factors, including how you use your cell phone, the type of device you have, and the quality of the battery itself.

How Do You Know When Its Time to Replace the Battery?

When your phone is showing signs of conking out, dont toss it in the trash just yet. It may just need the quick fix of replacing the power source of your mobile device, and there are some telltale signs and symptoms that your cell phone battery is running out of juice. 

  • It wont stay powered up unless its plugged into the charger. Theres almost certainly a problem with your cell phones battery when you notice that the power of the cell phone zaps in minutes after you remove it from the plug.
  • You pick up your cell phone and feels hotter than usual, especially where the battery is located. This is a warning sign that too much heat is being generated.
  • The most obvious sign, of course, is that your smartphone wont respond to charging, wont power up, and wont turn on. This could mean it needs a new battery or that there is something else wrong with the smartphone.

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