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Models and Features for LG Straight Talk Smartphones

Straight Talk is a prepaid secondary network that is a collaboration between TracFone and Walmart. Smartphones from LG available on Straight Talk include smartphones from LG with several different processors, memory spaces, and other features. If you're ready to upgrade your phone to something new with updated features, consider an LG phone packed with features, such as a high-resolution camera for those perfect selfies.

What LG models work with Straight Talk?

The LG mobile smartphone models that work with Straight Talk include:

  • LG 840G
  • LG G4
  • LG G5
  • LG G6
  • LG G Stylo
  • LG Optimus Black
  • LG Stylo 2
  • LG Stylo 2 Plus
What performance specs do these phone models have?

The most important specs for a smartphone are memory, storage, screen size, and processor type. More memory means more speed. More memory means the ability to store more content of all kinds. Larger-size screens are easier to see, but some people find smaller screens easier to hold and put in a pocket, so it is a matter of personal preference. A faster processor means faster performance across the board as well as support for more advanced features and operating system updates.

Memory sizes range from 100MB all the way up to 64GB. Screens start out at about 4 inches on the diagonal and top out at about 6 inches. Processors can be anything from a single-core chip to an octa-core, which means eight cores that each contribute to the overall chip's power. The speed of each core matters as well in addition to the number of cores, so read the product description to see both the number of cores and the speed each core provides.

What colors are available?

The range of colors you can find includes black, blue, brown, clear, gold, gray, silver, and white. Please note that not all models are available in all colors.

What design styles are available?

There are three primary shapes of phones available.

  • Bar: This is the classic LG smartphone design, which is a narrowed rectangle. Most of the surface area is the display with room for side buttons, a camera, and voice input.
  • Flip: A flip phone has a hinge in the middle so that it folds in half vertically, like a clam shell. Separating it open involves a flipping motion, hence the name. This provides more display protection but less surface area.
  • Slide: A slide phone has a horizontal opening. You slide the cover away to reveal the display and the keyboard.
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