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Look No Further: Your Left-Handed Bass is Here

Not everyone plays with their right hand as their dominant option. Don’t worry about adjusting the way your hands work; you can get an affordable left-handed bass that stays set for life. Music may be your personal passion, and here’s a look at options to create bass music as good as any professional.

How can you find a bass for left-handed players?

Start with the specific models of bass guitars that you know. Top models and brands create their signature guitars for right-handed players as a standard, but they provide the same science and tone for left-handed players, too. Find your favorite by browsing common selections on eBay.

The same performance just for your left hand

You might wonder how a new left-handed bass differs from others. Rest assured that you’ll achieve the same high standards with something made for your dominant playing position. Here’s a look at the details and features:

  • Equal actions - Tone is sustained with the way strings sit on the bass, and you won’t lose tone if those strings are shifted for lefties.
  • Equal necks - The length of the neck and the number of frets the bass has matches exactly what a right-hand bass achieves.
  • Factory pickups - The pickups give you a wide selection of tones that you’ll discover no matter which your dominant position is.
  • Treated woods - Treated woods add presence and give the bass an artistic appeal to follow the manufacturer’s original patent. These are just flipped to put the artwork in a left-hand perspective.
  • Universal plug-ins - Quickly plug into all modern equipment, as these basses use universal inputs to make playing or collaborations possible.
Some basses and models for left-handers

You have no shortage of options to play if you’re left-handed or prefer a different angle on the instruments of the world. Start with a quick look at these brands and models for an awesome left-handed bass:

  • Fender Poza Arce - This bass is a Fender classic that’s recognized for its mineral blue coat made to fit the Strat, Telecaster, and Telemaster designs.
  • Ibanez ATK200 - The ATK200 is an all-around bass model that comes flipped for left-handed players.
  • D’Angelico EX Excel - The Excel Series use Seymour Duncan 59 Humbuckers and capture a polished but vintage sound.
  • Gibson Thunderbird - Here’s a guitar body that follows after the Gibson Firebird with flares and cutouts to really get your higher notes hit.
  • Cort B-5LH - A fresh, new Cort promises all of the deep tones in an artisan bass for lefties to get a hold of.