M42/Universal Camera Lens Adapters, Mounts & Tubes

Finding the Right Universal Micro Four-Thirds Camera Lens

M42 adapters are used to attach any lens to a specific camera in order to broaden your capability of using different products that are made for different types of photography. Users will find lens adapters are able to secure otherwise incompatible lenses to a camera.

Can I Use This Product On a Different Cameras?

One common question is whether users can use their micro or M42 lenses on different camera brands.

  • M42 adapters can be used to connect any lens onto a 35mm single lens reflex camera body.
  • Users should be able to connect the M42 adapter to their Panasonic and other camera brands as long as their MFT camera is a 35mm device.
  • There are other adapters for sale that can be used for larger or smaller cameras. These adapters are often called micro adapters.

What is The M42 Adapter Used For?

While its nice to know that micro adapters can be used for different cameras, what is the purpose of an M42 adapter?

  • Adapters are used to connect any lens to a single lens reflex or MFT camera using an M42 screw that attaches to their camera body.
  • An M42 lens refers to the screw thread mounting standard for 35mm cameras so any lens with an M42 screw will easily attach to a 35mm camera without an adapter.
  • However, micro lenses or larger screw lenses will need to attach to a 35mm camera using an adapter.
  • Micro lenses are great for taking up-close photographs but may require an adapter.
  • The micro four-thirds system was developed by Panasonic and Olympus for the design of interchangeable lens cameras that are also mirrorless.

What is a 35mm Lens?

  • 35mm lenses are a standard lens size for most DLSR and SLR cameras and there are a wide variety of lenses available to fit them that dont require an adapter like an M42 lens or micro four-thirds system.
  • The lens size is common on most mirrorless cameras and is highly versatile for most photography situations such as landscape or portrait photographs.
  • The adapter ring for a 35mm lens is an M42-M4.

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

  • Mirrorless cameras are cameras that dont require a mirror system, unlike how DSLR and SLR cameras do.

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