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About Mamiya RZ67
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Mamiya RZ67 Film Camera
Mamiya RZ67
Camera Type
Medium Format Film
Image Size
Film Format
Lens Mount
Maximum Shutter Speed
Interchangeable Components
Lens, Back, Viewfinder, Focusing Screen
Autoexposure Modes
Manual Only
Manual Only

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Average Ratings of all 4.7
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  • by
    September 18, 2018

    Lightweight with great features.

    The RZ is the last film camera made by Mamiya. I am the owner of the Mamiya RB Pro SD. I wanted to get a second Mamiya RB camera. Instead I went for the RZ. The RZ is lighter in weight than the RB. It took a little adjusting to. I am comfortable with the weight of the RB., , The RZ is a good camera for me to carry around. When I am doing studio work I go with the RB. I have nothing against the RZ. It is a nice "little" camera.

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