Expand Your Home Entertainment Experience With Marantz

Founded in 1953 in New York, Marantz introduced the Consolette preamp. The brand has manufactured audio-oriented consumer electronics ever since, shaping its focus entirely toward higher-end components. At eBay, you can discover a huge selection of new and preowned Marantz products, including vintage Marantz options.

Can Marantz products mix and match with other brands?

Generally speaking, yes, but it does depend on the specific technology in question. Note that home-audio and home-theater equipment usually adheres to various industry standards. As long as two devices implement the same standard or standards, then they're compatible, and it doesn't matter that they're different brands. If you have a home theater receiver that supports HDMI, then it is compatible with any television that also supports HDMI.

How simple is the set up a Marantz receiver?

Setting up a Marantz A/V receiver may seem confusing because these devices often have an extensive selection of inputs and outputs at the rear panel. You can simplify this by zeroing in on what your equipment supports and ignoring the rest. At a minimum, you'll need one input, such as an HDMI cable from your television or satellite/cable box, and one output, such as speaker wire running from your receiver to your speakers or soundbar.

Is there a difference between Marantz USA and U.K.?

Some people wonder if the brands are different in the USA and U.K. due to price and other differences, but they aren't. The products sold by both divisions are fundamentally the same although there are some differences, such as 120-volt versus 240-volt plugs for the USA and U.K., respectively.

What is Marantz vintage?

Marantz has been innovating home audio-equipment since the 1950s, and vintage products are those items that are no longer manufactured but are still in demand. An affordable vintage Marantz receiver or preamplifier is a known commodity, and some enthusiasts prefer it because they like the sound quality they get when they use them.

What is Marantz?

Marantz is a consumer electronics brand that was purchased by Philips in the 1980s and became a Japanese business under its original name in the 2000s. With its focus on high-end audio, the company introduced many innovations that are still in use today. While the brand may be best known for its receivers and preamplifier, other products from this brand include:

  • CD players
  • Cassette decks
  • Solid-state recorders
  • Loudspeaker systems
  • Wireless music systems
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