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Meade 60mm Telescope

Meade is a telescope manufacturer that produces a broad range of tools used for astronomy. These products use a variety of items, such as a tripod, mount, eyepiece, and refractor to create an enhanced image of various celestial bodies in the solar system and universe. Those interested in a 60mm Meade telescope have many different options to consider, including the focal length and aperture of their model

What types of Meade telescopes are available?

These astronomy tools vary based on the number of eyepieces used and the mount. The types of 60mm Meade scopes available include:

  • Binoculars
  • Monoculars
  • Altazimuth
  • Equatorial
What kind of refractors are available for these products?

A refractor is the tool that helps to draw in light and direct it toward the mount or focal area of the scope. Typically, it is positioned at the end of your scope and is used to create the image that appears in your eyepiece.

Typically, the refractor varies depending on the model of the scope that you purchase. Just a few that are available include:

  • LX70 Achromatic Optical Tube Assembly
  • StarNavigator NG Achromatic
  • Adventure Scope 60mm
  • Infinity 50 Refracting Scope
  • Infinity 60 Refracting Scope
What are focal length and aperture on a Meade product?

The focal length of a telescope indicates the distance that light inside of the body of the scope moves from the lens to your eye. The aperture of this kind of scope is the size of the lens opening measured in millimeters.

These measurements are used to gauge the power of the scope. For example, a scope with a 1,200-millimeter length and a 30-millimeter eyepiece has a total magnification of 40. In a Meade, the range of these items' characteristics are varied, so there are many options to select from to choose the one that is right for your needs.

What kinds of accessories are available?

There are many different accessories available for these telescopes. These items help to expand the range of the tool and make it easier to use. They can also help to protect it from various types of damage. Just a few items that you can purchase for this item include:

  • Tripod for easier viewing
  • Dew shield for outdoor viewing
  • Lens cover when the scope is not in use
  • Motorized body to carefully adjust the position
  • Coated lenses to protect against scrapes and stains
  • Scope cover to keep it warm when not in use
  • Spotting scope to see celestial bodies and position the scope