Getting to Know Metal/Aluminum Cases for Samsung Cell Phones

Metal cases for smartphones provide some protection from impacts or falling items. They also add a personal touch, making it easier to identify your phone in case you lose it when on the go or at home. There are many features, colors, and designs for a metal/aluminum case for Samsung cell phones.

What are some of the features of the aluminum cases?

Some of the available smartphone case features include:

  • Card slots - One or more card slots for an identification card, work badge, or bank card may be built into the case.
  • Screen protector - A transparent covering may be attached to the case for fitting over the smartphone's screen.
  • Kickstand - This piece fits into the back of the case when not in use, and it folds flat. When you want to hold the phone up, it extends outward from the back for holding the phone up vertically on a flat surface.
  • Projector - A built-in projector may be in the case of enlarging an image on the smartphone's screen.
What are some types of metal phone cases for smartphones?

Some available types include:

  • Battery - This case has a battery built into it for charging the smartphone.
  • Flip - This style opens down the middle like a book, with the smartphone on one side and storage or card slots on the other side.
  • Wallet - This type opens into three sections, with one section holding the smartphone and one or two of the other sections offering storage.
  • Fitted case/skin - This wraps around the back and sides of the smartphone, with openings for the device's camera, power button, headphone jack, and charging port.
  • Clip - The back of the case has a clip for attachment to a belt loop or strap.
Which models of smartphones can fit into these phone cases?

These cases are designed to fit Samsung smartphones, including models Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Galaxy S8. They may also fit the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 7. Other compatibility options include some of the smartphones produced by Alcatel, LG, Meizu, Microsoft, and Motorola.

What are some design options for aluminum phone covers?

Some of the available design options for the smartphone cases include:

  • Jeweled - The cases may have embedded studs, rhinestones, or crystals. They may also have tassels or loops with beads attached.
  • Glossy or shiny - These finishes reflect the light.
  • Pictorial and patterned - Some of the available pictures and patterns include skulls, team and company logos, and stripes.
  • Metallic - Metallic pigments are added to the finish for a glittering or sparkling effect.
  • Matte and plain - This smooth finish absorbs light.
Which colors are available for these aluminum smartphone covers?

The available colors for these smartphone cases include metallic shades of silver, gold, and bronze. You could also choose neutral colors such as black, white, and gray. The cases are also available in solid colors such as red, blue, and pink. Multicolored designs are also available.

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