Аудио, связь и навигация для мотоциклов и скутеров

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Motorcycle Electronics and Navigation Devices

If you're a motorcyclist, navigation devices like GPS units from Garmin or TomTom can provide you with the means for quick, efficient, turn-by-turn directions that seamlessly guide you to your destination. Many such devices are helpful whether you're planning a long-haul trip in unfamiliar territory or you just need the quickest route through traffic after work.

What are some types of electronic navigators?

Many of these electronic devices are designed to provide you with the widest range of options possible, so manufacturers craft different models and accessories to serve you in a variety of scenarios.

  • You can purchase specialized navigation equipment that is tailored for use on a motorcycle. These GPS units include a motorcycle mount so that you can install the device on your motorcycle securely and with ease. You can mount both the traditional navigators and the more portable smartphone units onto your motorcycle. GPS devices made for vehicles typically feature somewhat brighter screens than other types, let you obtain traffic updates, and can link to your smartphone for a hands-free option.
  • Handheld electronic devices can double for use in a car or on a motorcycle if necessary and have the added benefit of being able to enter precise, dedicated waypoints if you wish. This lets you easily get to favorite familiar spots or tag landmarks and other things in the area.
  • A variation of the handheld version exists for your smartphone, adding the feature to your existing list of options and giving you a way to use wireless GPS via Bluetooth.
How do you use and update your GPS?

Whether you have Garmin, Navman, Magellan, or any other such items, there may be features included with these electronic devices that seem hidden. In addition, there are steps you can take to ensure that the maps and data are always kept up-to-date and ready for you.

  • Firstly, you'll need to activate or initialize your electronic device. In most cases, you just need to go into the settings and click on 'Initialize.' Note that this process can take several minutes and you should have a clear view of the sky when you do it.
  • Get into the habit of using your Garmin's satellite lock feature prior to heading out on any journey, especially longer ones or those that pass through unfamiliar territory.
  • Note that you can usually use your navigation device to not only receive directions but find places in the city.
What other equipment can you pair with a GPS?

This navigation technology works with a variety of similar accessories, and pairing a TomTom, Garmin, or Roadmate with such things can enhance your traveling experience.

  • A motorcycle helmet intercom will allow you to communicate directions to other riders in your party efficiently and hands-free, so you can maintain control during the ride.
  • Alternatively, a Bluetooth motorcycle communication system provides an option that is even more portable.
  • You can also attach a motorcycle camera to your helmet to capture memories once you reach your destination with the help of TomTom.