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Motorcycle Drivetrain and Transmission Parts

The drivetrain and transmission of a motorcycle are necessary to propel the vehicle to go. The intricate drivetrain and transmission parts all serve a necessary purpose for this operation to work properly. Maintaining and repairing worn-out parts increase the life of the bike and provide necessary safety measures for the driver as well.

How can you tell if your drivetrain needs replacement?

With the drivetrain being a major factor in your motorcycle going or not, ensuring that it is in proper working condition is necessary. Here are some tips to help you determine if you need to replace the various components of this system.

  • Clean the cassette to make any wear visible. You will want to check the teeth for any areas with consistent flattened edges along the top of the tooth. This points to the chain being stretched and used with the bikes cassette for too long.
  • Check the cog for excessive wear that is inconsistent with other areas of the cassette.
  • Pull the rear brake and push down on the pedals to see if a new chain attempts to climb up the teeth as if wanting to skip over the top of them. This signals that the cassette is worn out and must be replaced for safety.
What components make up a motorcycle drivetrain?

This system of a motorcycle contains the parts that work together to actually push and pull the bike to go. These parts include the following.

  • Pedals
  • Cranks
  • Chain and chainrings, or chainwheel
  • Cogs, also referred to as a cassette
  • Derailleur
How do you clean the drivetrain?

While riding, accumulations of dirt, debris and grease build up around the parts including the sprocket, cassette, derailleur, cranks, and pedals, causing unnecessary wear on the bike. These problems can be avoided by performing proper maintenance and cleaning services. The following will help you clean your drivetrain parts without hassles.

  • Clean away any visible grease, dirt or debris seen within the drivetrain parts. Place the motorcycle on a stand to allow the rear wheel to be lifted off of the ground. Rotate the rear wheel so that you can inspect the cassette without hesitation.
  • If the chain is in its maximum adjustment position, is worn down beyond the safety point, or shows excessive signs of rust or kinking, changing this component is necessary.
  • If the chain itself is still in good condition, cleaning away the grease, dirt, or debris buildup by scrubbing it with a brush using a mild soap and water solution will freshen up the chain. It is okay to use a wire brush for this cleaning process if you have a non-sealed chain. However, if you have a chain that has rings, it is necessary to use a softer-bristle brush to prevent damage.