Motorcycle Waterproof GPS Units

Waterproof Motorcycle GPS Units: Keeping You on Track in All Weather

Motorcycles offer a wonderful way to travel and sight-see while enjoying closeness to the elements. Unfortunately, that also means the elements have access to all the equipment you are using. That is where waterproof motorcycle GPS units come in. Designed to work come rain or shine, these useful devices help keep you and your bike on the right track whatever the weather.

Are All Waterproof Units Equal?

Electronic devices, including GPS units, use "IP" ratings to describe how rugged they are. Specifically, an IP rating describes a devices resistance to the ingress of solid particles, such as dust and liquids like water.

  • Reading IP Ratings: An IP rating consists of the letters "IP" followed by two numbers. The first number describes dust resistance, and the second describes water resistance. If a device is not protected against one of these factors, that number is replaced with an "X." For example, a device that has no dustproofing may have an IP rating that reads "IPX6." The water rating scale goes from zero to eight, while the dust rating scale goes from zero to six. Therefore, a rating of IP68 means a device is completely dustproof and waterproof.
  • Precautions: Users should avoid certain situations depending on the IP rating of their devices. For example, some devices may be designed to withstand drops of rain but not a high-pressure jet of water. Users should always read the manufacturers instructions for device-specific information.

What Other Features Are Important in Motorcycle GPS Units?

The ruggedness that dust-resistance and water-resistance provide is important, but users should also consider other factors.

  • Durability: Devices resistant to UV rays survive more days of riding in the sun. In addition, more robust devices can handle falls and crashes better, and this may be an important factor for those who take their motorcycles off-road often. Lastly, users should consider a durable and shockproof mount as this affects the durability of the GPS unit.
  • GPS: Navigation is what a GPS is for, and the most rugged unit is useless without the correct maps at the right time. Devices that can use preloaded maps can come in handy on routes with poor GPS or network connectivity, such as through forests. In addition, models that include Bluetooth can interface with a motorcycles built-in systems, allowing clear audio for navigation instructions.
  • Screen Size and Interface: GPS units with larger screens allow easier viewing when riding. In addition, users should consider anti-glare screens as these can be easier to view in direct sunlight. When considering touchscreens, users should also check to see if the touch interface works when users wear gloves.