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Nike 's Nike Roshe Nike Roshe Women

Nike Roshe Athletic Shoes for Women

Nike makes many shoes, apparel, accessories, and gear to help you better your performance when working out or playing a sport. However, Nike also understands the importance of life outside of exercise, so the brand created the Roshe shoes as a lifestyle shoe for more laid-back activities. The womens Roshe sneakers come in various colors and sizes, and they are ideal to wear for many occasions, from running errands and walking around town to throwing them on before heading to the gym.

What are the features of Nike Roshe womens shoes?

Nike Roshe sneakers are designed to be a simple yet comfortable shoe that Nike claims is inspired by the practice of meditation and the tranquility in Zen. These sneakers offer an athletic style that can be dressed up or down.

  • Lightweight: The upper shoe is made with a light, breathable mesh material for comfort.
  • Sockliner: The inner liner of the sneakers uses a Nike Solarsoft sockliner so that Roshes can be worn with or without socks.
  • Cushioned collar: The collar of the Roshe sneakers has extra cushioning to provide some ankle support.
  • Foam outsole: The foam outsole provides cushioning to absorb light impact and provide durability. The waffle design provides traction on slick or wet surfaces.
Are womens Nike Roshe One shoes good for running?

These womens shoes are classified as one of Nikes lifestyle sneakers, and they are designed to provide everyday comfort and style in a variety of more laid-back activities. These sneakers are more minimalist and do not have the support typical of Nike running shoes. Because of this, it is not recommended to run frequently in these Nike shoes, and they are not made to withstand hard running.

What are Nike Roshe One shoes made of?

The upper shoe of these womens sneakers is made of a lightweight mesh textile to allow for breathability, style, and comfort. The outsole of these Nike shoes is made of a single mold of ethylene-vinyl acetate foam to provide extra cushion when walking and a sole that will last

Whats the difference between the Roshe One and Roshe Two?

Both the womens Nike Roshe One and Roshe Two are designed as minimalist, lifestyle sneakers. They both have options that use either textile or Flyknit technology and are both light, but there are a few differences to note.

  • Fit: The tongue on the womens Roshe One comes up a bit higher than the Roshe Two. The eyelet and collar around the ankle on the Roshe One are thicker than the Roshe Two, making it slightly heavier.
  • Sole: The Roshe Two has slightly more padding in the shoe due to the use of three sole molds instead of the single mold in the Nike Roshe One. The insole on the Roshe Two is thicker and has more cushion, whereas the Roshe One is thinner but has a cupped drop in for support.
  • Traction: The outsole of the shoe uses slightly different traction between the Roshe One and Roshe Two, the Two having more space between the waffle traction pattern.
  • Flyknit: Some varieties of both the Roshe One and Roshe Two use Flyknit technology, but the material on the Roshe Two is patterned differently and is slightly thinner and more lightweight.
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