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Get Detailed Pictures With the Help of Close-Up Camera Filters

Taking detailed pictures of the intricate designs on things like butterflies and flowers with your Nikon camera typically requires the use of some type of magnification. To achieve the level of magnification needed, close-up filters and lenses have been developed that fit over the regular lens of the camera. A close-up lens allows the details of a subject to stand out so it can be captured on film.

How does a close-up lens work?

Essentially, a close-up lens or filter is simply a magnifying glass that gets screwed onto the camera over the existing lens. The lens or filter changes the refraction of the light rays entering the lens, and the change causes the object you are photographing to appear larger than it is. The lenses come in different sizes to fit on different makes and models of cameras. You need to know the size and diameter of your camera to choose a close-up lens or filter that will fit properly.

What types of close-up filters are available?

There are two types of filters available. They are:

  • Single-element lenses: These are devices that have only one element inside of them. Single element lenses typically come in sets so you can change the level of magnification by changing the lens.
  • Double-element units: This type of filter uses two lenses to work. The first lens works like the one in a single element unit, and the second lens adjusts the clarity of the image coming into focus. The double-element design was developed to help make the image in a photo clearer and more detailed than it would be with single-element units.
How do you choose the right size of close-up filter?

Every camera only allows you to get so close to an object before the image will become blurry and out of focus when you take a picture. The closeness will vary depending on the type of digital camera you use. Close-up filters allow you to get closer than SLR cameras will ordinarily allow, so you can take a more detailed picture. You can get closer by choosing the right size of close-up filter. The filters come with a number on them to let you know how close you can get to an object before distortion occurs. For instance, if the camera lets you get to about three feet away from an object, a close-up filter with a rating of +2 will allow you get about two feet closer to take the picture. A +10 rating will let you get within inches of the object and still be able to take a good picture.

What is a macro lens?

A Nikon macro lens is designed to produce close-up images on a 1:1 scale, which means the image will look the same scale-wise in the photograph. A macro lens uses special elements to break up the light coming into the camera in order to produce sharp images.

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