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About Nikon F4
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Nikon F4 Film Camera
Nikon F4
Camera Type
Film SLR
Lens Mount
Nikon F
Autoexposure Modes
Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program
Single, Continuous Servo
Maximum Shutter Speed
ISO Range
6-6400, DX 25-5000
Flash Sync Speed
LCD Screen

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Average Ratings of all 4.7
3 average ratings

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100% Good image quality

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  • by
    November 21, 2018

    Best processional camera for all around use, dang near every lens ever made will work on this baby!

    I received this product in great working condition. i shot a roll of Fugi 400 and was very impressed with the cameras abilities to use matrix metering through all of my older non AF Nikon lens's i used a super telephoto 500mm reflex, a couple of my old E style lenses and a Mid range AF-S lens. All 36 pictures came out perfect. I even took time to play with the cameras ability to do double exposure and auto focus on measured points to make sure it was focusing properly. It is totally awesome. I love this camera and it is the new go to for my 35mm work!

    Verified purchase: Yes