Очки солнцезащитные женские Oakley

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Protect Your Eyes with Oakley Sunglasses for Women

A bright sun can set the stage for a beautiful day, but it can also be tough to deal with. Having shades, like Oakley sunglasses in the women's collection, can protect your eyes from harmful rays. The Oakley sunglasses for women you can find on eBay are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles.

Classic Models

Many models of Oakley sunglasses for women have been around for some time. There are new and used sunglasses available on eBay in the following collections:

  • Frogskins: These sunglasses come with a keyhole bridge. There are many versions found on eBay, but most have plastic frames with a matte surface and mirrored lenses with 100% UV protection coating. They have an 80s look, and they're lightweight and durable.
  • Latch: These also come with a keyhole bridge but usually have more curves. The rounded lenses are sometimes mirrored, and there are a wide range of colors for both the frame and the lenses that you can choose from.
Are there Oakley sunglasses for women made specifically for performance?

There are several models that are geared more toward active users. They include:

  • Split Time Team USA: With a polished chrome frame and sapphire lens, these sunglasses use Prizm lenses. These lenses maximize contrast to enhance visibility, which can come in handy at the range or the course.
  • Commit SQ: These also utilize the Prism lens, and they're made exclusively for women. Designed to be lightweight and sleek with the iconic Oakley sport shape, they have a rose-colored lens.
  • Outpace Unity: With a no-slip, no-snag nosepiece, there's an extended field of view. Integrate side shields can prevent glare.
  • Split Time: These come in a variety of colors for both frame and lens. The no-slip Unobtainium nosepiece feels comfortable, and the pilot silhouette has a sporty feel. The frame, made out of O Matter and a C-5 alloy, is lightweight.
Other Styles

There are several other types of sunglasses that have a more striking appearance. For example, the \"Proxy\" glasses have square frames and gradient lenses. The \"Elmont\" has an aviator-style appearance, and the \"Cohort\" and \"Hold Out\" sunglasses both feature a slight cat-eye in their shape.

What types of lenses are available?

Each type of lens offers unique advantages. All Oakley lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays in addition to harmful blue light up to 400 nm. You may find glasses with:

  • Polarized lenses: These can filter out up to 99% of reflected glare and work against haze and optical distortion.
  • Prizm polarized lenses: Combining technology found in polarized and Prizm lenses, these products can adjust to changing conditions and offer excellent contrast and clarity.