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All You Need to Know About Ouds

The Oud is a beautiful stringed instrument, invented in ancient times when Greek, Arabic, and Egyptian cultures ruled the world, but it is still played to this day. The oud is akin to the guitar, but it has a much different sound to it.

Are there vintage ouds available?

You can find some vintage ouds available to purchase on eBay. These instruments most likely have been used by a previous owner, and the instrument may or may not be in perfect shape. The value of vintage instruments are incredible, though, especially if they are handmade and originally come from a Middle-Eastern country.

The four main parts of the oud

The parts of the oud are similar to that of a guitar. The only difference is in the bowl of the instrument. The body is curved like a bowl and allows for the sound to resonate throughout the instrument once you pluck the strings. This creates an amazing sound that will vary depending on the type of wood the oud is made out of.

  • Bowl: A typical oud measures 20 1/4 inches in length, 7 1/4 inches in width, and 13 3/4 inches in height in the body and bowl.
  • Strings: The strings are usually made of wound nylon. A typical oud has 11 strings.
  • Fingerboard: The fingerboard usually does not include frets, unlike a guitar. You will have to memorize where your fingers are placed to play the correct notes.
  • Bridge: Lifting the strings above the body of the oud gives it taut tension, so you can pluck the strings with ease.
What are the different types of ouds?

There are acoustic and electric ouds that can be bought and sold on eBay. The acoustic ones have a more traditional sound to them, but the electric version is helpful if you want to hook up an amp and play it for large gatherings. There are also different countries and regions from which ouds originate: Arabia, Turkey, Persia, Egypt, and Syria. All types of ouds provide lovely, deep, and high pitches and are designed with intricate patterns. Most ouds feature intricate patterns engraved in the wood and elicit a tone that is clear and beautiful.

  • Acoustic: Acoustic ouds produce a natural sound without the aid of electricity.
  • Electric control system: Electric ouds are helpful if you plan to play your instrument in a concert hall or auditorium. The control pad, located on the side of the oud, includes dials and buttons that allow you to change pitches, equilibrium, and tune. You can also play these ouds acoustically if you desire.
What are oud instruments made out of?

Oud lutes can be made out of a variety of woods, from the bow, to the finger board and the bridge. Ouds may include a mixture of woods such as mahogany, oak, walnut, spruce, rosewood, and maple. The pegs, used for tuning the oud at the end of the instrument, are usually made of either ebony or glass. The strings are made of nylon. Multiple thicknesses of strings are made for the oud and are strung to give it low and high pitches.