Кольца для пилатеса

Do you want to buy a Pilates ring? 

A Pilates ring, which could be referred to as a “magic circle,” “Pilates power ring,” “fitness circle” or “Pilates resistance ring,” is one of the most popular Pilates accessories. It’s the original apparatus used in Pilates methodology. The ring, built of steel spring, fiberglass or plastic, has two foam pads on the sides to make training comfortable. Pilates power ring might give you toning, strength, and focused training.   

Benefits of Pilates ring: 

  • Extra challenge and intensity in your Pilates mat workout 
  • Targeted training which improves your muscle consciousness 
  • Sculpting and toning of your arms, inner thighs and outer thighs, chest, and shoulders 
  • Great for isometric exercises 
  • Offers a breath of fresh air to traditional Pilates mat workouts
  • Could be used for a full body workout 
  • For everyone – from beginners to advanced practitioners     

How to choose a Pilates ring

  1. Check the size - Put the ring between your ankles, knees, and arms, bend it and find your comfort level.  
  2. Check if the ring has rubber coating – Although not a necessity, when a ring slips and hits you, it stops you from bruising your legs. 
  3. Check its weight – The ring shouldn’t be too heavy. Even if at the beginning the ring might feel lightweight at the beginning, after a few minutes of exercising, it might start to be too much. 
  4. Check how the grip feels for you – Make sure it won’t slip out of your hands. 
  5. Check how much the ring bends when pressed – Hold the ring in front of you with straight arms and your fingers long, and squeeze the ring. It should bend a few inches. If you do it without any effort, it means the ring’s resistance is not enough. 
  6. Check the material the ring is made of – Is it plastic, steel or fiberglass? Pick up the one that suits your style best. 
  7. Check the position of padded handles – Universal rings have foam pads both on the inside and outside. Look for dual-grip rings. The classic Joseph Pilates ring has handles only on the outside. 
  8. Check the finish of the padded handles – It should be gentle to touch. The handles could be either of wood or foam. 
  9. Check if the ring fits into your bag – It’s an important factor when you travel with it. 
  10. Check if the ring comes with a DVD or an exercise book – It might come in handy as Pilates ring workouts modify their exercises from time to time.
  11. Check the company – The ones manufacturing other Pilates equipment and accessories will know how to produce a good ring for a workout.

Types of material Pilates rings are made of: 

  1. Sturdy plastic – lightweight, for beginners, gives some level of resistance. 
  2. Steel spring – provides you with durability, reliability, various level of resistance, heavier than plastic and fiberglass, keeps its shape. The more springs you have on your ring, the more resistance you get.
  3. Fiberglass – lightweight, flexible, resistant, moderate resistance, it will not lose its shape in the course of time.   

What size of a Pilates ring do you need? 

The ring should be of the size of your torso. The standard size of a Pilates ring is around 13-15 inches in its outer diameter. Smaller rings are also available. 

How does a Pilates ring work? 

When pressed, a Pilates ring creates more resistance. It targets a specific part of your body, such as the core abdominal muscles named in Pilates “the powerhouse.” 

What is a Pilates powerhouse?

The powerhouse, often called out during a Pilates session, is a group of core muscles starting at the bottom of the ribs, going down through the abdominals, hip joints and ending at the glutes. The core should be active during Pilates exercises.

How to use a Pilates ring? 

You can use a Pilates magic circle during exercises like bridge, corkscrew, or saw, or in any standing or lying down position. You could adapt it into a stretching prop in some exercises, and use it instead of a resistance band. 

Bear in mind that the Pilates power ring is only a secondary accessory, and it should assist you in finding the connections within your body. 

When exercising, observe your neck—if you feel any tension there, you’re giving too much attention to the ring and thus not benefiting from it properly. If you pick up the ring that is heavier and more resistant than your fitness level, then you risk using different muscles than the intended ones. 

Which brands are available on eBay? 

You can find all the well-known brands of exercise rings, including Gaiam, Stott Pilates, Stamina, or Balanced Body. You can also look for Pilates resistance rings from Sisyama, ProSource, or EZGO.   

The 3 most popular brands among our customers are: 

  1. Yes4All
  2. Pharmedoc 
  3. Inversion Studio          

How durable are Pilates rings? When to change yours?

When you grab a Pilates ring, you might be tempted to squeeze it with your whole strength. Be not afraid; the rings are sturdy and will withstand any pressure. The most durable ones are made of metal and are usually used in Pilates studios.

The only concern should be the foam pads on the side of your ring. When you notice they start to disintegrate a little bit, you might want to think about a new Pilates magic circle.

Are there any resistance levels of Pilates rings?

Pilates rings offer one level of resistance, which depends on its material and the amount of strength you put into squeezing it. The plastic ring is the least resistant, and the metal one is the most advanced. The colors are not indicative of resistance levels, unlike in the case of resistance bands.

Joseph Pilates once said, “Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” When will you grab your ring?

Looking for something else?

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