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Buying 35mm Instant Film Cameras

For photography fans, there's nothing quite as satisfying as the instant gratification that comes with taking a photo with your camera and seconds later, getting to watch as it develops before your eyes. 35mm instant cameras allow you to do just that, and unlike today's modern digital cameras, they use a special type of instant film that develops immediately to make snapping photos fun.

What Are Some Features of Instant Cameras?

Though instantly developing pictures is an impressive feature, these types of cameras can do even more to enhance your photography experience.

  • A built-in flash means you don't have to worry about dark photos when you're in low-light situations.
  • Some cameras offer distinct shooting modes to let you vary the types of photos you're taking, such as macro mode or landscape mode. Different shutter speeds allow you to capture subjects in motion, such as kids playing sports.
  • When you're creating memories, it helps to remember when they occurred. To that end, you can purchase a camera with a date imprint that adds the date and year to every photo.

Which Kinds of Film Do Instant Cameras Use?

There are a few types of Polaroid film that some of its cameras use.

  • 600 model cameras use the corresponding 600 film. This is almost like a cartridge that you slip inside the camera, and when you take a photo, the instant film pops a card-sized picture out that you watch develop in front of you. You can buy black-and-white or color film in this style.
  • Newer models of point-and-shoot cameras, called the Pic-300, uses PIF-300 film.
  • For i-Type cameras, you'll need to use the corresponding film of the same name. Most instant cameras use film packs or cartridges, and with newer cameras coming out all the time, film types can vary.

Which Models Does Polaroid Offer?

The brand that started it all has numerous types of instant film cameras to offer.

  • The OneStep film camera is a throwback to the past as this original model has manual and autofocus features along with a wrist strap and an included carrying case. It has a built-in flash and takes 600 film, though you can use black-and-white or color film with it. The company also released a new version of the One Step called the OneStep 2 i-Type, which has numerous modernized features, such as a rechargeable battery.
  • Consider the One model, which was released in 2002. It features a self-timer and updated features like red-eye reduction along with a lens minimum focusing distance of 3 feet.
  • Other additions to this line of cameras include the Pic-300, which is a revised version of the old 600 instant film cameras. They come in bright colors, have an updated viewfinder, and work with PIF-300 film cartridges.