Potato Ricer

A potato ricer is a helpful tool in the kitchen as it can push pieces of a potato through a holed stainless steel disk, resulting in light and fluffy mashed potatoes. Whether the OXO Good Grips, Culina Delux, or a different model, ricers can mash a potato, make baby food, and rice cauliflower. This tool does not take up much room and is easy to use.

What is a potato ricer?

A potato ricer is a kitchen tool that simplifies making mashed potatoes. It consists of a handle attached to a cup, usually stainless steel, with a holed disk on the bottom. A hinge on the lid, opposite the handle, connects to a plunger that fits inside the cup. This piece connects to another handle that lowers the plunger deep into the cup. By placing a cooked potato inside the ricer and pressing the plunger, the potato squeezes through the holes, making mashed potatoes.

What is the difference between a masher and a ricer?

Potato ricers and mashers are similar kitchen appliances in that they are both often made of stainless steel and can make mashed potatoes. In a potato ricer, the potato squeezes through identically sized holes, which ensures consistency and adds air into the mashed potatoes. This action creates a fluffy, smooth dish without lumps or peels. With a masher, the potatoes are denser, have peels and lumps, and vary in texture. Using a masher often takes less time than a ricer because the ricer works a cup at a time, and the masher is larger than the ricer.

What are some brands of potato ricer?

While the basic design of almost every potato ricer is similar, certain models have features that rice the potato in different shapes or provide comfort for the user. Most ricers have different screens that fit on the bottom with different hole patterns and sizes. Some specific brands are:

  • OXO Good Grips potato ricer is primarily constructed from stainless steel but also has rubber coatings on the handle. This prevents the ricer from slipping and protects against potential skin burns.
  • RSVP offers a jumbo potato ricer, which fits extra potato pieces and saves preparation time.
  • MO+M ricers offer an alternative to the stainless steel style with an all-plastic model. The only part that is metal is the screen where the potatoes pass.
What other foods can be used in a potato ricer?

A ricer has many uses in the kitchen besides making traditional mashed potato dishes. It is often used to press potato types including the sweet and new potato as well as eggs for deviled eggs and cauliflower for a low-starch rice alternative. A ricer is a food processor alternative. Other uses include the following:

  • Making baby food: This technique is popular among new parents who want more control over their baby food.
  • Mincing garlic: A ricer works much like a garlic press.
  • Apples and other fruits: Cooks rice fruits to make applesauce and jams.
  • Draining greens: When pressed, the greens remain in the ricer cup, but the extra water flows out.