Tips and Tricks for Using Refill Kits for Epson Printers

Whether you use your Epson printer for high-volume printing for business, school, or simply for occasional print jobs as needed, the ink levels eventually become depleted. Rather than spending additional funds on new ink cartridges, many people decide to use a refill kit for their Epson inkjet printers.

Do you need special tools to refill the ink cartridges?

You do not need specialized tools when using a kit to refill the ink cartridges used with your Epson printer. Most refill kits come equipped with what you will need, which includes the vials of ink that are either equipped with a needle-type top for insertion into your cartridges or bottles of ink that come with a syringe for each color to be used to draw the ink up out of the bottle and insert it into the cartridge.

What is a chip resetter?

The different colored ink cartridges on your Epson inkjet are equipped with a microchip that senses and tracks the ink levels within each cartridge. When the levels are low, the microchip communicates that information to the printer and the "Low Ink," alert is triggered on your printer display. After you refill your ink cartridges, you will need to reset the microchip so that it will properly read the levels as full once again. To do so, you need a chip resetter that is specific to your Epson model.

How can you clean spilled printer ink?

When refilling the ink on your Epson printer inkjet cartridges, it is important to take precautionary steps to limit or prevent the spillage of ink on your printer, desk, computer, hands, and clothing. Wearing rubber or latex gloves on your hands is a smart choice for this job as well as using a small drop cloth over the desk, table, and flooring where you will be refilling the ink. If you find that, despite your efforts, you have ink splatters that need cleaning, these steps can help to minimize or prevent the stain from setting:

  • For any ink stains on your hands, wash briskly with soap and cold water and dry with paper towels.
  • For clothing and carpets, blot excess ink away with paper towels. Once the excess ink is removed, blot the fabric or carpet gently with rubbing alcohol applied to a dye-free cloth or cotton ball.
  • If the stain persists, you can attempt to blot it with hydrogen peroxide. Let the area air dry or blot it dry with a towel.
How many times can you refill a cartridge?

The housing or body of the cartridge is constructed of plastic and therefore is vulnerable to wear and tear as well of regular use as well as to conditions such as heat and cold. On average, these inkjet cartridges can be refilled from up to six times before needing full replacement.

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