Pro Keds


Since 1949, PRO-Keds has produced shoes designed to highlight the American way of life. Born out of postwar optimism, these streamlined sneakers became a common among professional basketball players and their fans. Since then, the PRO-Keds line of sneakers has been worn by children and adults alike.

Are PRO-Keds shoes available for women and men?

PRO-Keds sneakers are labeled with men’s sizes, but they are a unisex brand. Sizes range from 3–13 U.S. and are constructed to fit everyone from youths to adults. Shoe size conversion charts are available to help girls and women determine their correct size.

What are the features that make PRO-Keds sneakers stand out?

PRO-Keds uses materials, including suede, Italian felt, canvas, Kudu leather, heavy twill, and Cordura ballistic nylon. The shoes are made on a remastered last for an enhanced fit. The footbed is molded with open cell foam for a more breathable feel. The soles are traditional rubber gum.

What are some lines of PRO-Keds sneakers?
  • Royal Hi: A high-top sneaker featuring contrast stripes on the outsole. These shoes are available in leather as well as classic canvas.
  • Royal Lo: A low-top version of the PRO-Keds Royal Hi sneaker. These shoes are available in leather and chambray as well as canvas.
  • Royal Plus: Similar to the Royal Lo but with contrast stripes on the sides of the shoe as well as the outsole. The low top version can be purchased in suede as well as the classic canvas look.
What are the vintage styles of PRO-Keds?

PRO-Keds sneakers have a long history and have produced many vintage styles. Keds was originally owned by the U.S. Rubber Company. In 1949, the Keds company began producing PRO-Keds sneakers for basketball players. The first style available was the Royal or “Sureshot” sneaker. In the early 1950s, PRO-Keds were endorsed by the professional basketball player George Mikan and his team, the Minnesota Lakers. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings to include baseball cleats, football, boxing, tennis, and track and field shoes. Some vintage styles include the following:

  • 69ers: Originally called the Super, the 69er is a vintage classic similar to the current Royal Hi. The shoes were produced in both leather and canvas styles and favored by sports stars and musicians.
  • Court King: Similar to the Royal Lo.
  • Shotmaker: An early 1980s basketball shoe.
  • Custom: The Custom line featured pop culture based designs, including video game arwork, cartoon characters, and more.
Has PRO-Keds produced any collaborations with other designers?

In recent years, the company has produced collaborative styles with musicians, artists, and other clothing and lifestyle brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Stussy, Pop Rocks, Woolrich, Play Cloths, Skittles, Rocafella Records, and Roca Wear. These collaborative styles are both rare and collectible.

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