Red Flip Cell Phones

Find Out More About Red Flip Phones

The flip phone is a cell phone style that consists of two parts that fold together when the phone is not in use and flip apart when you use the phone. You can easily tuck a flip phone into your purse or pocket when you are not texting a loved one or making a work call. If your favorite color is red, you can easily find flip phones in a wide range of cranberry, ruby, tomato, burgundy, and blood orange shades.

What are some features on flip phones?
  • Internet browser: Options that have a built-in internet browser let people access websites.
  • Exterior screen: This is a screen on the outside of the telephone that shows your clock and notifications without requiring you to turn on the telephone.
  • Keyboard buttons: Some cell phones have a complete keyboard for texting and other uses.
  • Bluetooth enabled: This option lets you sync your telephone to Bluetooth headsets and speakers.
  • Music player: Music playing telephones will allow you to store music on the phone and listen to it via speakers or headphones.
  • GPS: Phones with GPS can display the telephones location in maps and other services.
What models of flip phones are available in red?

There are many models that have various shades of a red finish on either the interior or exterior of the phone, including:

  • LG Verizon EnV
  • Doro PhoneEasy 626
  • Motorola RAZR V3
  • Nokia 6350
  • Samsung TwoStep
  • Huawei Envoy
  • Jitterbug Flip
What is the difference between locked and unlocked phones?

You will find that purchasing a new phone is slightly different from selecting other technological devices because your decision will affect the service you can get for the phone. A locked phone has software that specifically ties it to a certain carrier. You may only be able to get service for the locked phone in certain locations or with a certain company. With an unlocked phone, you can get service from any carrier you sign up with, including international carriers.

What size is a flip phone?

Most flip telephones are between 3-6 inches high when folded, and they may expand up to 10 inches long when unfolded. Their width is typically between 2-3 inches. Some options may be as narrow as 0.5 inches or as thick as 2 inches. Each model will likely be a different size, so you should see the manufacturer site for details about the size of your desired type.