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What to Consider When Looking for a Samsung Android Smartphone for NET10

Whether you like to make calls or text while you are out of the house or you want to surf the net on the go, a phone or a smartphone can give you a variety of options. Samsung phones designed for NET10, a no-contract prepaid wireless plan, allow you to stay in contact while not being tied down with a phone contract.

What styles of Samsung smartphones are available for Net10?

When you are looking for a device for NET10 that uses the Android operating system, you will generally find Samsung Galaxy phones in addition to several other lines. The general styles of Android devices include:

  • Slider phones: These devices have a full QWERTY physical keyboard that sits behind the touchscreen display. To use the device, you slide the keyboard out from the bottom or the side. This allows you to text or type on a larger screen. The Brightside and Intensity line have sliders for NET10.
  • Touchscreen smartphones: These devices do not have any physical keys. Instead you tap the screen to access a variety of apps and software that you may want to use. These phones do not have any moving parts. There are a wide variety of Galaxy phones that are compatible with NET10 wireless, such as the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S9.
What does Android allow you to do?

This operating system is based off of Linux and was designed mainly for devices that have touchscreens. It runs the home screen on the device and tracks user input to open different software and apps. It is able to run any software, including third-party software, that you may download directly to your device as long as it is compatible with Android. Essentially, this operating system allows your mobile phone to run like a mini computer that you can constantly upgrade and customize.

What should you consider when looking for a phone?

When considering a device, there are several considerations you may want to make. These include:

  • Device size: This refers to the actual size of the device as well as the size of the display. Larger devices may be easier to see while smaller devices may be easier to transport.
  • Hardware: This refers to the processors. Faster processors allow the device to work more quickly, saving you time.
  • Storage: Internal memory, which is reported in GB, allows you to store app files, photographs, and even text messages. The more internal memory the device has, the more you can store. You may also want to consider the RAM, which is also reported in GB.
  • Cameras: Most mobile devices have at least one camera, though those with touchscreens, such as the Galaxy line, may have two including the front facing camera. This includes a primary and secondary camera, both of which may be capable of taking photographs and video. They both often have different shooting modes and features.
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