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Ready for Red: Samsung Cell Phones

Red cell phones from the Samsung brand are available in a variety of different styles. A range of different features cater to a variety of your different needs at school, home, and work. Choosing the right Samsung phone can be based on multiple factors, including what the camera resolution is, how much storage the phone offers, and what the screen size is.

What features are available?

Samsung red cell phones and smartphones are available with a variety of features, including 3G and 4G data capability, camera, Bluetooth, GPS, music players, touchscreens, a holographic display, and Wi-Fi capability.

  • 3G and 4G data capability: These allow the phone to function whether or not it is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: This allows other Bluetooth devices to recognize the phone. A Bluetooth speaker at a pool party could connect to your phone wirelessly in order to play music for the night. Most cars can also connect to Bluetooth, which means hands-free calling and texting via voice command while you drive.
  • GPS: This allows you to navigate from your phone rather than using a separate GPS device.
  • Music play: Most mobile phones can play music, either by streaming it from an online application or by downloading it to the device. When you are on the go, your phone can serve as your DJ.
  • Touchscreen capability: This refers to being able to touch different parts of the screen rather than relying solely on buttons to access commands.
  • Wi-Fi capability: This means the Samsung red phone can connect to the internet instead of using up your data.
What increments of storage capacity are available?

Mobile phones support several different increments of storage capacity. This is the amount of room on the phone for storing different kinds of data, like pictures, videos, text messages, applications, and music. From largest to smallest, storage capacity options are: 128GB, 64GB, 16GB, 2GB, 128MB, and 125MB.

What styles of Samsung red phones are options?

Bar, flip, and slider phones are all different silhouettes available from Samsung. Bar phones are a straight, rectangular brick. The display and number pad are located on the same surface. Red flip phones have a small screen on the front, and flip up to reveal a larger screen above a keypad. Slider phones are similar, but the top slides up rather than flipping to reveal the keypad. Often, the camera is housed on the rear of the device.

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