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Schecter Bass Guitars

Schecter is a manufacturer of guitar and bass instruments. Their bass guitars include styles like the C-4 Apocalypse, the yellow Simon Gallup Ultra Spitfire Bass, the orange Damien-5 Halloween bass guitar, as well as signature instruments developed in partnership with musicians. Here is some information about Schecter bass guitars.

How many strings does a Schecter bass guitar have?

Traditionally, a bass guitar has four strings, and the vast majority of all bass models sold have four tuned to E, A, D, and G, just like the first four notes of a guitar. However, Schecter adds more strings to their instruments. The 5-string Schecter bass adds another custom set of low notes to play without requiring atypical tuning. The five strings on these guitars are designed to help the player maintain their position in the mix and punch through with deep, thick tones. Schecter also has 6- and 8-string bass guitars.

Does a Schecter electric bass need an amp?

Not only do electric bass guitars need amps, but they require a specialized amp. A bass amp has to have higher wattage and a different kind of speaker to handle the lower and less powerful signals that come from a bass. A Schecter instrument needs a lot of power to punch through the mix, especially when played alongside guitars with heavy distortion and downtuning.

What is the difference between active and passive bass pickups?

On a bass, the pickups are the devices that can read the electromagnetic waves that come from the metal strings moving in a magnetic field and convert those waves into an electrical signal. The circuit then passes this signal out to the amp. There are two major types: active and passive. Passive pickups don't require any power. They receive the signal and pass it on. Active pickups usually need a battery for power, and they boost the signal, providing a louder tone. Active pickups tend to shape the sound as well, making it warmer and more aggressive. Many Schecter basses have active units designed to give them the extra edge they need to perform. EMG is a widely used brand for heavy metal music pickups, and if the bass guitar doesn't have them, you can swap them in later.

Does Schecter have bass guitars for left-hand players?

Schecter makes bass guitars for both left and right dexterity.

What are the available body shapes by Schecter?

Schecter bass guitars have at least 11 different body shapes. Avenger, C, Johnny Christ, Raiden, Schecter SIXX, Ultra, Baron, Casket, Model T, Riot, and Stiletto are the categories for bass guitar body shapes by Schecter.