Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

A Singer treadle sewing machine can add a unique and vintage flair to your home. Antique treadle sewing machines may be of interest to collectors who are into American history and culture. These machines offer anybody with an interest in sewing the ability to create beautiful crafts and clothing without using electricity.

What are treadle sewing machines made from?

Treadle sewing machines were made from long-lasting wood and metals. Those manufactured under the Singer Sewing Machine brand typically include a table top and a cabinet for the actual sewing machine.

Can you operate an antique treadle sewing machine?

An antique treadle sewing machine should be functional if all its component parts are intact. Check the treadle, the treadle belt, the bobbin, the casing, the needle, the wheel, and the threading hooks.

How do you identify an antique treadle sewing machine?

Many Singer sewing machines were manufactured in the 20th century. Given the sturdiness of the machines, many of these sewing machines have survived over the years. Every Singer treadle sewing machine has a serial number embossed on the metal portion of the machine. This is often next to the base of the sewing machine. Its serial number indicates where and when it was manufactured.

What should you know when looking for a Singer machine?

When looking for a vintage sewing machine, there are several key points you should keep in mind, including:

  • Brand: Singer brand treadle sewing machines were manufactured in large numbers over several decades, so there should be quite a few still available.
  • Disc bobbins: Check the bobbins on the sewing machine; disc types are preferable to machines with long types.
  • Functioning treadle: Push the treadle with your foot up and down to check for any issues with mobility.
  • Connecting rods: The treadle is connected to the wheel by a set of rods; be sure that all are in place.
How can the luster be restored on an antique Singer?

To restore the luster and shine to the different components of an antique Singer sewing machine, you should first start by carefully dusting and cleaning the exterior of the Singer treadle sewing machine so that it is free from any particles of dirt or grime. Once that task is completed, you can begin to polish the different parts of the antique Singer sewing machine to bring out its former shine. Follow these steps:

  • For the machine, use a soft cloth with a small amount of mineral oil to rub the surface of the machine.
  • For wooden surfaces, such as the machine cabinet and table top, gently rub with carnauba wax and then buff with a soft cloth. Lacquer thinner can be used to remove any residual wax if necessary.
  • For metal components, wipe and buff these parts with a silver polishing cloth to restore shine.