Turn Your TV Into a Streaming Device Using Slingbox Streamers

Slingbox media streamers allow you to stream content from your handheld mobile device or laptop for display onto the big screen in your home entertainment system. Connecting your cable or satellite TV to this device also allows you to view content from your mobile or laptop device when away from home through the Slingbox app. Select one from this vast collection on eBay, and enhance the way you watch your favorite shows and movies.

How does streaming on Slingbox media streamers work?

Viewing content from your cable or satellite TV provider while on the go through Slingbox is an easy and simple installation process. The media streamer connects to your TV through traditional video/audio ports or through the HDMI port. It then connects to your home Wi-Fi or broadband service to cast the channels you subscribe to on your portable device. You can view TV while on the go without being connected to a physical cable hookup through the Slingbox app on your phone or laptop computer. You can stream things from your device to your TV as well. This makes it easy to share family home movies, to stream a slideshow of pictures, and more.

What types of devices are compatible with Slingbox media streamers?

A variety of devices can work with your media streamer from Slingbox, including:

  • Cable- or satellite-connected TVs
  • iOS or other Apple devices
  • Android or Google Play store devices
  • Laptops connected to broadband internet
  • TVs with at least one HDMI port
What types of media can you watch on the go?

After you connect the hardware to your existing TV, make sure that the Slingbox is connected to your home Wi-Fi and that you've downloaded the Slingbox App on your chosen device. Once you launch the app from anywhere on the go, you can watch any variety of TV or cable channels that you typically watch at home. Stream the big game while catching up on work at the office, or share a favorite movie with your family while weekend camping. This accessory gives you access to the cable or satellite service that you pay for without having to be home to watch it.

Can you share access to your TV with friends/family?

Once you register your new Slingobx media streamer device and create an account, you can add guest privileges for other members of your family as well as friends. Hookup the device to either HDMI or composite cables on your TV, and other members of your household or your friends can have access to your cable or satellite content on the go as well.

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