Buyer's Guide To Selecting a Soft Close Toilet Seat

Upgrading your toilet seat allows you to find a comfortable seat that is aesthetically pleasing. Soft close toilet seats help protect your toilet whilst maintaining an upscale appearance. On eBay, there are a plethora of soft close toilet seats to choose from, which is why it is essential that you find one that is right for your bathroom.

What are soft close toilet seats made from?
  • Ceramic: Ceramic toilet seats are fairly common as they are typically available in a bright white shade that matches with any type of bathroom decor. Ceramic toilet seats are affordable and classic. Most standard toilets come with ceramic toilet seats.
  • Chrome: Chrome soft close seats are excellent if you want to achieve a contemporary design within your bathroom. The soft close mechanism allows you to have a chrome seat cover without it damaging the toilet. Chrome toilet seats come in silver, gold, and even black for an edgy vibe.
  • Plastic: Plastic toilet seats are common as the top is often plush so that you can sit on the seat with the lid closed. Plastic soft close seats sometimes feature a plush lining as well for maximum comfort.
  • Solid wood: Solid wood toilet seats feature dark oak and mahogany for a more traditional bathroom design. You might opt for a solid wood seat if you prefer a rustic look in the rooms in your home.
Are soft close toilet seats one-size-fits-all?

Soft close toilet seats are not one-size-fits-all as many toilets have different shapes. You can purchase a soft close toilet seat in four designs, which include D-shape, oval, round, and square. It is essential that you determine the shape of your toilet before purchasing a seat cover so that you can ensure it will fit properly.

What are some patterns of soft close toilet seats?

Soft close toilet seats are available in two patterns:

  • Solid: Solid toilet seats come in one color. Many solid toilet seats are white, black, or brown. It is common for wood toilet seats to come in one color, whereas plastic seats typically come in multiple shades.
  • Novelty: Novelty toilet seats are available in a variety of designs and multiple colors. You can find novelty seats that feature your favourite animals, your favourite sports teams, and even cartoon characters. Many people prefer novelty seats for children's bathrooms so that it goes along with a set theme. However, novelty toilet seats are common in family bathrooms as well.