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A Quick Guide to Sonos Media Streamers

The Sonos Connect allows you to stream digital media using your legacy stereo equipment and speakers to any location inside or outside using your homes Wi-Fi service. You can find both new and used Sonos media streamers on eBay, as well as affordable ancillary accessories that enhance Connects functionality.

What types of media can be played with Sonos Connect?

The Connect can also stream media from any of the following sources:

  • Stored digital media - Connects over Wi-Fi to home computers, smartphones, tablets, and media servers.
  • Internet radio stations - The Connect features a variety of free and paid internet radio stations from all over the world. You can locate and stream content from the devices interface screen or create playlists through the Connect app on your mobile device.
  • Streaming services and podcasts - Sonos is compatible with many media streaming platforms and podcast apps.
  • Television and movie audio - Connect your TV to Sonos using the RCA line-in and digital optical output jacks on the back of your Connect unit, and stream the audio over Wi-Fi.
  • Voice assistants - Plug any of the major voice assistant home devices into the Sonos Connect to add voice control to your streaming experience.
How does Sonos connect to a receiver?

Sonos Connect interfaces with your legacy wired stereo equipment through an RCA line-in connection and digital optical output jacks. The upgraded Sonos Connect amp has a built-in amplifier, which allows users to stream media from non-amplified devices like legacy turntables, CD players, or cassette decks without the need to connect through an amplified receiver.

What accessories or attachments are available for Sonos Connect?

The Sonos family of media streamers can stand on their own, but some accessories include:

  • Sonos Boost - Boost connects directly to your router via an ethernet cord.
  • Sonos Playbar or Playbase - Connect a TV to Sonos Playbar or Playbase via digital optical cable and stream audio.
  • Sonos Beam - Stream your TV audio through Beams dedicated audio HDMI port, which allows Beam to control the volume and power adjustments on your TV. Built-in voice assistant or voice assistant support for all three major platforms allows you to control your Sonos system and your TV with voice commands.
  • Sonos One - Sonos One is a stand-alone speaker with a built-in major platform voice assistant and support for other platform voice assistants.
  • Sonos Play speakers: Sonos wireless speakers give you surround sound.
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