Tips for Selecting Sprint Flip Cellphones and Smartphones

When you need basic phones that can handle being dropped or can withstand more rugged conditions, a flip phone could be what you need. When used with the Sprint cellular network, flip cellphones may provide you with everything you need to make calls, text, and respond to emails while on the go.

What do flip phones for Sprint look like?

The defining feature of the Sprint flip cell phones and smartphones is the ability to fold in half. When the phone is open, a large screen is located on the top portion while the bottom portion has a numeric keypad and other navigation buttons. When closed, the device has an external screen that may show you the time, day, and even the year depending on the model. Some may also show an incoming phone number. The size of the external display can vary by phone.

What hardware options should you consider?

There are many options to consider, like talk time, battery life, built-in USB ports, a SIM card, and so on. Here are additional options for your mobile phone:

  • Hinge: The hinge is the piece of hardware that allows the phone to open and close. It should be sturdy enough to prevent it from breaking while you are using it. The hinge should also be able to hold the flip phone open at an angle that is comfortable to talk on.
  • Button size: Flip phones have numeric keypads that allow you to make calls. Consider the size of the buttons and the amount of space between them. The buttons should also feel firm but easy to press.
  • Internal memory: Depending on the style and type of phone you have, the amount of internal memory it has can range from less than 1GB to 32GB. The more memory a phone has, the more data the phone may be able to store. You may also want to consider the amount of RAM a phone may have, especially if the device has a touchscreen. The RAM allows the device to temporarily store data.
  • Cameras: Flip phones come with either one camera or two cameras. Look at the number of megapixels the cameras have and whether or not they have any software features. Potential features could include the ability to shoot in panorama mode, HDR mode, or with an LED flash.
Do these flip phones have an operating system?

While not all flip cellphones have an operating system, there are a few that use Android. The ZTE Cymbal-T, the Samsung Hennessy, and the Motorola DROID T2 all use Android as their operating system. By utilizing this operating system, the flip phones are able to work similarly to regular touchscreen smartphones. They may even have an external touchscreen so that you can play games or use apps that require your touch.

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