Sprint USB Modem

Everything You Should Know Before Selecting Sprint USB Modems

When you are on a business trip, staying connected with your customers can be accomplished by using a wireless modem. These devices can use your Sprint data plan to allow your laptop to connect to the internet in areas where Wi-Fi is unavailable. Some models will have different features that can add functionality and convenience to your mobile data usage.

How do you select a USB modem?

This device connects to your laptop by being inserted into the USB port. The modem has a SIM card built into the body so that it can connect to the Sprint network similar to a cell phone. The card will provide internet to your laptop in areas where you have a cell signal, and is usable without installing additional software since it is designed to be plug and play.

  • Select a brand: Some brands will offer devices that are compatible with different cell phone carriers. You will want to choose a card that is able to be programmed for the Sprint network.
  • Choose a model: Some models will have different features available or be able to connect to the different networks to provide internet to your laptop.
  • Network connectivity: The two main types available are G and N and refer to the wireless network that you can set up with the card to provide internet to multiple devices.
What is the difference between 3G and 4G modems?

3G and 4G refer to the wireless standard that the mobile modem uses. The G in both refers to the generation of the wireless standard. The main difference between the two will be the network speed. 4G models are backward compatible with 3G networks, but not vice versa. 4G models are designed for downloading and streaming services while 3G can be used for emails and similar data use.

What are some of the features of a USB modem?
  • Flash storage: Some units are able to be used as a memory stick so that you can store files, such as photos or documents. Some models will also feature an expandable memory feature where you can insert a microSD card to increase the storage capacity.
  • Auto connect: This feature allows your laptop to automatically connect to the cell phone network once the model has been inserted into the laptop.
  • LCD screen: On some models, you can have an LCD screen that provides information on the network status, data usage, and signal strength. This allows you to monitor the usage of your data plan.
  • GPS: This feature can allow your laptop to use location-based services, such as navigation and other features. This feature will be built into the model.
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