Stay Connected Most Anywhere Using Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Modems

With the continued improvement of communications infrastructure and technology, Internet connections are just going to get faster and more solid. For this reason, portable mobile hotspot modems have been developed to provide Internet anywhere there is a mobile network reception. These mobile hotspots work by using the inserted SIM card to communicate with the mobile network and provide Wi-Fi internet through that particular network. You can enjoy 4G LTE speeds depending on your Sprint data plan subscription.

What Are the Advantages of Mobile Hotspot Modem?

  • Saves Battery Life: It is true that modern smartphones have their own built-in mobile hotspot function, but using it is less than ideal for preserving battery life. Sure, in emergencies it can be pretty handy, but a dedicated device for your hotspot needs is better to enable you to preserve the battery of your more important devices.
  • Intuitive: Many of these hotspots are equipped with small displays that show you essential information, such as the Wi-Fi SSID of the LTE modem and the password to the wireless network. The controls are generally basic as well, where some modems have a power button and a couple of buttons to navigate the user interface. Some modems occasionally change the password for an added layer of protection.
  • Portable: These hotspots are ideal for those who do not plan on staying in one place for long. Digital nomads, tourists, or entrepreneurs can take advantage of the lightweight, battery efficient, and intuitive designs these LTE modems have. Whats more is that multiple devices can connect to one hotspot to enjoy up to 4G LTE connections.

What Are Some Tips and Tricks to Using Mobile Hotspots?

  • Limit Streaming: Streaming video and music can be the easiest and most enjoyable way to pass the time on your travels, but they are also the biggest consumer of mobile data. Many carriers provide limited data usage per day, so it would be prudent to save your wireless hotspot data allowance if you anticipate needing it for work, school, or communications.
  • Beware of Background Apps: Applications on smartphones, tablets, and whole operating systems on laptops can consume data in the background without you noticing it. Be sure to disable automatic updates on all your devices so that they do not catch you unaware and drain your essential data allowance. But if you have unlimited data in your subscription, then you could probably leave automatic updates on but at the cost of speed and reliability.
  • Research Coverage: Before you head out on your travels, be sure to know what mobile broadband carriers are present in the area and whether there is adequate coverage. Some areas may have Sprint network coverage but not LTE cellular coverage so be aware.

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