Наклейки и переводные картинки для Apple iPad 2

Stickers and Decals for Apple iPad 2

Stickers are universally known as interesting little decorations that can make even the most mundane objects a bit more colorful. Typically, they are made from paper, vinyl, or plastic with an adhesive surface on the back and are coated with paper before being applied to a surface. Stickers not only design and protect, but they also can serve as labels and make objects recognizable.

What types of iPad stickers are there?

Primarily, stickers are used for solely aesthetic purposes. A decal sticker is a classic example. These typically stick to the back of the iPad and are meant to express your style or interests. On the other hand, body covers create a full wrap around image or pattern and typically come with screen protectors. Button stickers are cut to fit the home buttons on most smart devices.

What is a body cover sticker?

A body cover sticker wraps entirely around the iPad and sometimes the screen. It comes in multiple parts so that it can be applied easily. Tablet screen protectors are predominantly made of tempered glass to be both durable and smudge-free.

What are button stickers?

Button stickers are a style of sticker that came to prominence in the smartphone era. In addition to making the iPad home button stylish, it serves as an extra grip on the button to ensure that you press the button correctly every time. These often look like gems, which gives your iPad a touch of glamour. Some other designs are whimsical with motifs such as cats, skulls, emojis, or stars.

What is a decal sticker?

The decal sticker is derivative of the classic style of a sticker, which has a rigid shape and a fully opaque image. Decals are designed to complement the contours of the objects that they were created to decorate. Sometimes, decal stickers will have transparent parts for better support or to maintain images made up of multiple smaller pictures.

What are some unique sticker designs?

There is an interesting iPad decal that depicts a Mexican sugar skull with the Apple logo as its nose. Those who are fans of the Jordan brand may appreciate the Jumpman decal, depicting Michael Jordan slam dunking the logo. For gamers, there is the classic Super Mario jumping to get the Apple power-up.