Sun Microsystems настольные ПК и моноблоки

Sun Microsystems PC Desktop

Sun Microsystems personal computers from Oracle, provide you or your company with desktop technology to complete all your work, browse the open internet, and listen to your music collection all in one location. These computer systems are outfitted with a range of processor types, including AMD Opteron and Intel Core 2 Quad. The processor speeds available with these Sun Microsystems devices range from 1 to 4 gigahertz.

What are some features available with these systems?

These Sun computers are outfitted with a wide range of features, including a DVD optical drive that allows you to play both CD and DVD discs within your music and film collection. Many of these Sun Microsystems models provide you with an ethernet port as well as an integrated graphics card that ensures every color you see on your monitor is accurate when using the device to view movies, play video games, and other graphics intensive tasks. Many of these computers are designed to be used as workstations for technical or scientific purposes, and they can also be used for entertainment. Some of the connectivity ports and slots available with a selection of these Sun computers include several internal bays for placing hard drives and optical drives, two CPU slots, two PCIe x16 slots, and two USB ports. Some models also provide you with the ability to connect two monitors at the same time, which can be used for a variety of workplace applications.

Which operating systems are available with these computers?

Some Sun systems come preinstalled with an operating system. A small number of these systems are outfitted with Windows 7, while a number also come with the Windows 10. This system is designed to provide you with core software that can manage all of the additional hardware and software throughout a computer while also providing you with additional features that increase your user experience.

How much memory is included with these devices?

These workstations include different amounts of memory. Four to eight gigabytes is most common although some of these systems are equipped with 16 gigabytes of internal memory. This memory is designed to assist your computer in running smoothly across all applications, whether you are working with an intensive program or are browsing the internet. The total amount of memory included in these Sun computers ranges from less than 1 gigabyte to upwards of 32 gigabytes.

How much storage is available?

When you select one of these devices, there is a chance that it could come with a certain amount of internal storage, which is provided through the inclusion of a hard drive. When attempting to identify how much storage is available in one of these desktops, the number is typically listed in gigabytes, one of which consists of 1,000 megabytes of data. The storage capacities provided with some of these systems range from less than 100 gigabytes to more than 2 terabytes, which is equal to 2,000 gigabytes.