Tablet & eBook Reader Silicone/Gel/Rubber Cases, Covers, Keyboard Folios for Lenovo

Silicone Tablet Cases, Covers, and Keyboard Folios: Stylishly Protective

With all the fragile yet premium materials used in tablet devices these days, a lot of care and thought is needed to keep them neat and pristine. You must also pick one made specifically for your Lenovo or other tablet to get full protection all around since device-specific cases and coves have precise cutouts for ports and cameras. This gives you ample insurance that your device suffers reduced damage in the event of a drop but without sacrificing convenience and functionality.

What Types of Cases, Covers, and Keyboard Folios Can I Buy?

  • Gel: As basic protectors, gel covers are able to secure the back and edges of your device. These are made of silicone rubber whose design can vary in thickness depending on the model of the tablet. Many of these covers have thick lips on the front edges to prevent contact between the screen and the surface when laying the tablet facedown.
  • Rugged: These covers are made with the rugged and active user in mind. These can either be for users who need to take their Lenovo devices to work at a job site or for parents whose kids use their tablets throughout the day. Rugged cases are designed in such a way to provide more protection than the average case by thickening the material at the crucial points in the device, such as the corners and edges where screen shattering is most possible. Expect these to add lots of bulk to your device.
  • Slim: This is the opposite of the rugged case and prioritizes style and elegance but still provides light protection against scratches. Many ultra-slim cases tightly conform to the shape of your device and are therefore device-specific. Some slim cases also have lips to elevate the screen when laid face down while others have tri-fold covers which double as stands.
  • Kickstand: Kickstand and keyboard cases are built for productivity. These can have integrated keyboards on the book-style flip cover, which connect to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth. Some keyboard cases have backlit keyboards for typing in dimly lit areas, while other keyboard cases are designed so that your tablet takes the form of a laptop complete with hinges and a full-size keyboard in two separate pieces for ergonomic laptop-like typing. 

What Colors and Styles Are Available?

  • Graphic: Personalize your device with gel protective cases printed with your favorite characters and designs. Get colorful renditions of pop-culture titles or stay subtle with minimalist graphic designs.
  • Pastel: These bright and elegant colors are used in PU leather and gel cases. They impart a soft chic appeal to any outfit while those who want a subtle accessory can opt for matte black or grey.  
  • Solid: Solid-color tablet cases are plentiful and are found in a variety of shades and materials like PU leather. Pick a solid black case style to fit any of your outfits or get ones in your favorite color to match your style.

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