Адаптеры HDMI для планшета и электронной книги для Apple iPad 2

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Finding HDMI Adapters for the iPad 2

The purpose of an HDMI adapter is to allow you to view content as you see it on your iPad 2 on a different device, such as a television. These small, portable converters can give your device more flexibility and allow you to share content from your tablet to other sources. These work just like a DVI interface does, but DVI typically isn't compatible with HDMI or VGA, so an HDMI accessory is not only more compatible but also essential in this type of situation.

Why Do You Need an HDMI Adapter?

Not sure why you need one of these HDMI or VGA cables for your TV? There are a few things that you can do with one of these HDMI peripherals that may convince you.

  • You can connect one end of the HDMI cable into your iPad and the other portion of the cable into your TV to \"mirror\" content from your iPad to the screen. This can allow you to use your laptop or even your high-resolution TV to show what's on your iPad on a larger screen, so you can share video or audio content with other people.
  • These adapters work not only with video content but with audio content as well, so you can listen to music from your tablet's music apps through another source. You can even do this with your computer, regardless of whether it's a laptop or a desktop.
  • Plug one of these USB connectors in and use it to charge and sync your tablet at the same time, so when you're mirroring content, it's not using up the battery power of your tablet.

What Are Some Types of HDMI Adapters?

There are a few different kinds of adapters for different tablets, phones, or different purposes. One of the advantages of using these is their shorter cords, which serves to keep your iPad safe and secure from damage.

  • You may need a digital AV adapter when you have a device that uses a Lightning connector.
  • When you have an iPad with a dock connector, you can use a VGA type of adapter.
  • You can get a double adapter that has connectors for two different types of tech in one combination device. This double HDMI cable also multitasks as a charger, so you can feel confident that when you're done viewing your content, your battery won't be drained.

How Do You Use These HDMI Plugs?

The plug-and-play design of these devices works like any other USB peripheral does, whether you're using a mini tablet or a regular-sized option.

  • Grab your iPad 2 and locate the equipment you want to connect it to.
  • Next, plug the HDMI or VGA cable end into the adapter cable.
  • Then, insert the cable into the television, laptop, projector, or computer you want to use to mirror your content, play a movie from Netflix, watch a YouTube video, or listen to music on Pandora. You may have to switch the setting on your television to a different source in order to correctly play content through the HDMI cable.