Футляры/чехлы для планшетов и электронных книг Apple iPad Air 2

Sleeve or Pouches for the iPad Air 2: Fashionable Protection

The iPad Air 2 is thin. Really thin. And with this comes the usual danger of it slipping from your hands as you walk from class to class, office to office. It gets worse when you have to go outdoors, it starts to rain, and the only thing you have on you is a small bag and your iPad. While iPad cases and covers are some things you can buy to keep your tablet protected, those of you who want to actually feel the premium materials when your tablet can opt for sleeves and pouches. They keep things neat but also protect your Apple iPad from any of the nasty drops that are a side-effect of being so slim.

What Materials Are Used in Sleeves?

  • PU: Short for polyurethane, PU is a common artificial material used in phone cases, sleeves, wallets, and pouches. If you like the look and feel of leather but want something cheaper but with the same texture, this material should suit you well. Black PU sleeves can match any type of office or formal school outfit and makes your work gear look professional.
  • Leather: Authentic leather is made of animal skin, the most common of which is cowhide. Sleeves made of leather are some of the most expensive but also the most hard-wearing. Black and brown leather is also common, but colored options are also available from premium brands.
  • Wool: This is a material that is popular for its texture, softness, and durability. Wool sleeves protect the iPad with exterior water resistance but the tablet is also protected inside with ample cushioning. Thin tablets like the iPad Air 2 are secured to a wool sleeve or pouch with straps or flaps.
  • Nylon: Common, easy to produce, lightweight, and with reasonable water resisting properties, nylon is also an ideal material for sleeves. This is the same material many bags are made of. A good quality nylon sleeve can cushion your tablet and protect against light to moderate drizzles.

Sleeve and Pouch Designs to Choose From

  • Bag: Buy a special bag for your Apple iPad Air. These will have carry straps for easy transport and dedicated pockets for peripherals, charging cables, and adapters specifically for your iPad.
  • Zip-up: These accessories fit the iPad perfectly and zip closed along the edges or across its width. They can have stiff interior layers so the tablet slides in easily.
  • Open Sleeve: These have open ends either at the short side or the long side. They typically fit the iPad snugly and secure it with straps and snap buttons to keep it from sliding out the open end. They are often very slim to slip easily into a bag or purse and contain no added pockets.

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