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Takamine Classical Guitars

Today guitars play a huge role in the modern music scene, but they owe a huge debt of thanks to classical and acoustic guitars. Of the models out there, Takamine acoustic guitars rank among the most popular. Based in the Gifu prefecture of Japan, Takamine have been making classical guitars since 1962. Takamine are particularly well-known for their steel-string acoustic guitars and their acoustic-electric guitars.

What Elements Effect the Sound of a Classical Guitar?

Every different model of a guitar has its own strengths and character, so it pays to know what you're looking for in a guitar. Important details include:

  • Guitar Shape: The shape of an instrument's body has a great effect on the sound it produces. For instance, a dreadnought cutaway acoustic-electric guitar generally has a louder sound and more powerful low notes because of its body shape.
  • Strings: Classical guitars are usually either steel-stringed or nylon-stringed, with each type of string suiting different genres of music. Designs like the C132S are nylon guitars and have a more mellow tone.
  • Pre-Amp System: Acoustic-electric guitars come with a TP-E pre-amp system that through a tuner let you adjust your volume and tone.

What Factors Impact the Personal Feel of a Classical Guitar?

With any instrument, the playability is just as important as the sound the instrument is designed to produce. Factors to keep in mind include:

  • Acoustic Cutaway Body: Certain models of classical guitar like the NEX cutaway acoustic-electric guitar feature a cutaway indentation in their body. This gives players easier access to the guitar's upper frets.
  • Neck Shape: Another personal preference is the shape and width of the neck. Thin or fat, the width of the neck is all based on your preferred feel.

What are the Advantages of Takamine Guitars?

With such a strong pedigree and history of crafting classical guitars, their are plenty of ways in which Takamine excel, including:

  • Precision Frets: Takamine pride themselves on aligning and leveling their frets in order to enhance the clarity of their guitars' tone.
  • Complex Inlays: While the sound of your classical acoustic guitar is obviously a priority, its look and design is also still important. Guitars like the Takamine pro series feature meticulously designed inlays and rosettes.
  • Finely Finished Wood: A classical guitar owes a lot to its material. Takemine usually craft their acoustic guitars from spruce, mahogany, and rosewood, making sure to properly finish the wood even on the inside.

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