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Your Questions About Reflector Telescopes from Tasco Answered

A telescope is useful for those looking to get a closer look at objects that they see in the night's sky. They can also let you see things through the eyepiece that can go undetected with normal eyesight. Reflective and refractive telescopes for backyard astronomy or casual observations are available under the Tasco brand name.

How do telescopes differ from binoculars when viewing celestial objects?

The major design difference is that a telescope is designed to be used with one eye and binoculars are designed to be used with two eyes. Telescopes are made to mount onto a tripod while most binoculars are intended to be hand-held instruments. A telescope mount can help to provide a steady image and also allow you to use larger equipment such as a bigger main lens or mirror. The eyepiece of a telescope can be changed out while those found in a pair of binoculars are fixed. Of course, accessories are made for both types of instruments that allow them to function in similar ways.

What is a finder scope and what does it do?

A finder scope is a smaller auxiliary or monocular scope mounted on a telescope's tube. These pieces will often have a smaller magnification than the main scope that provides them with a larger field of view. They are used to aim or "slew" a telescope manually by the user. The finder scope is aligned to point at the same spot in the sky that the host scope is by using adjustment screws found on its holding bracket. It can be modified with crosshairs or other markings that aid with pointing the instrument at a specific object in the center of the field of view.

What are the reflector telescope mm sizes Tasco manufactures?

The company produces three instrument product lines that their astronomical instruments are sold in. Two of these series contain scopes that make use of mirrors for collecting light. These include:

  • Luminova Series: In a 900 x 4.5mm size
  • Spacestation Series In a 114 x 500mm size
What does a Barlow lens do when it is used?

A Barlow lens is an accessory that is placed between the objective lens or mirror and the optical piece that you look through. The piece is used to increase the magnification of the instrument's optics by x2 or x3. This can change the mm rating of a single eyepiece two or three times. They can be included with some telescopes or can be purchased separately. It is important to remember if you purchase a Barlow individually that the barrel size will fit both the scope as well as the eyepieces that are used.

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