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Tiger X-Men Games

The "X-Men" animated series came into being in the early 1990s. There was plenty of merchandise released to go along with it. Tiger Electronics also made several X-Men handheld games, including those featuring characters such as Cyclops and Wolverine.

What years were Tiger Marvel X-Men games released?

During the early 1990s, there was a new X-Men game released on nearly an annual basis. The first official Marvel X-Men game from Tiger Electronics was released in 1993 and titled “X-Men: Project X.” Wolverine and Cyclops were the stars as the animated characters who had to make their way through various challenges and enemies.

In 1994, another X-Men title was released and added characters such as Beast and Magneto. This was a Marvel Tiger Electronics talking version of X-Men, and it featured several quotes from the superheroes. In late 1994, Marvel X-Men Tiger “Barcodzz” made its way to the market.

How do these X-Men games operate?

The collection of Tiger Electronic Marvel X-Men games are standalone and do not need a console or any additional equipment. They are handheld and feature all of the input options underneath the LED screen. Along with a directional joystick, the games typically feature two input buttons. These buttons refer to actions like punching, kicking, or special X-Men moves such as Wolverine's clawing.

How does the Barcodezz system work?

When the Marvel X-Men game “Barcodezz” was released in late 1994, it included a special system. It allowed you to use special cards within the game. The cards featured a barcode on the back that scanned into the game to load the character for playing. The packaged game came with the original Barcodezz, and separate bonus packs could also be purchased for the X-Men games. This allowed you to use a lot more than just mainstay Marvel X-Men characters like Wolverine or Storm.

How many Marvel X-Men characters are playable in “Barcodezz”?

When the Marvel X-Men “Barcodezz” game was first released, it came with 24 different character cards. Using these cards was the only way to make the character load within the game. The game cards feature a mix of both villains and heroes. Some of the heroes within the game included Cyclops, Wolverine, Professor X, Storm, Ice Man, and Jubilee. Some of the Marvel villains in the game included Magneto, Gambit, Sabretooth, and Psylocke. In some cases, there were different versions of the same character. These extra cards could unlock different X-Men action moves and abilities within the game.

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