UGG Australia Rain Boots for Women

UGG Australia Womens Rain Boots

UGG Australia boots for women can be worn for fashion and function. Various styles will make it easy to choose a particular design based on where theyre being worn. Exploring the details of the UGG boots can help you narrow down the options while choosing one.

Why are rain boots worn?

Rain boots are worn in order to provide protection against wet elements. Although they may be worn when its raining outside, the UGG Australia boots may also be worn in the snow and whenever there are puddles. The boots are designed so that the feet dont get wet, regardless of whats going on outside.

What are the heel height options?

The heel can impact the overall height of the women wearing the shoes. Some people prefer shorter heights while others prefer high ones. Additionally, there may be a preference on height based on when and where theyre going to be worn.

  • Flat: 0 to 1/2 inch
  • Low: 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch
  • Medium: 1 3/4 inch to 2 3/4 inch
  • High: 3 inches and higher
What are some of the boot materials?

There may be various materials incorporated into the shoes. Knowing the material will help to determine the level of waterproof protection as well as how easy it will be to keep the boots clean. Some materials may also be specific to a lining that is built into the interior of the boot for warmth.

  • Leather/patent leather
  • Rubber
  • Sheepskin
  • Suede
  • Synthetic
How are boots fastened?

The boots may go onto womens feet in different ways. Its important to look at how they fasten so that they stay on comfortably throughout the day or night.

  • Buckle: There may be a buckle at the ankle as well as at the top of the calf.
  • Lace-up: Shoelaces are in the front or back to provide a tight fit.
  • Pull-on/Slip-on: The boots simply go over the foot and up the calf without any additional fastener.
  • Zip: A zipper on the side or back of the boot provides the needed closure.
What are some of the color options?

There are many color options available. There are not only solid colors but also a wide array of prints for this brand. This makes it easy for women to choose a design that works with what theyre wearing as well as the occasion.

  • Neutral: Tan, gray, black
  • Bright: Red, pink, blue, green
  • Animal print: Zebra, cheetah, etc.
  • Prints: Polka dot, striped, geometric, floral, paisley
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