Verizon USB Modems

Verizon stands as an established provider of broadband and high-speed internet service. The company offers more than a traditional setup for the home or office. With one of the telecom company's USB modem, you can connect to a wireless signal no matter where you may be.

What types of devices can you plug the unit into?

Any type of computer or mobile device that contains a USB port can accept the Verizon USB modem. The name brand of the particular device should not matter as long as a compatible port exists. The USB modem can work with laptops, desktops, and tablets, among others.

What operating systems does a Verizon USB modem work with?

The wireless USB modem works with the two most commonly utilized operating systems in the industry: MAC and Windows. Therefore, the modem can be plugged into virtually any laptop, PC, or MacBook that runs on the two operating systems. Verizon also notes its USBs work with a number of other smaller operating systems in addition to these two main brands.

What special features do some USB modems come with?
  • One-Step internet access: Essentially, this means that all the user has to do is plug the USB modem directly into the corresponding port. Afterward, the modem can connect to a wireless signal with no need to download and install any additional software for the modem to work. Two LED light indicators on certain modem models tell the user if the system is connected. Additionally, the LED indicators assist with monitoring how much data has been used.
  • Global USB Verizon modem capabilities: This means the Verizon Wireless service can be accessed in a multitude of different countries. It is not uncommon to see a Verizon Wireless modem work internationally. You will not need more than one modem as long as the one you get works in various supporting territories.
  • Swivel function: With this feature, the actual USB connector swivels and folds back into the USB modem when pressed into place. This makes it easier to store the USB unit when not in use. Also, the connector stays protected when folded, reducing the risk of potential damage. When the time comes to plug the item back in, just swivel the connector out.
What does the 4G LTE description on the modem mean?

4G LTE refers to the type of mobile internet connection it uses. Verizon Wireless, in particular, presents a full 36 Mbps of download speed with its LTE connection. In addition to the 4G LTE, some 3G USB modems are also available.

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