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Enjoy the Classic Style and Appeal of Antique Violins

Antique violins can work as either instruments or appealing display pieces. These vintage violins are available from a variety of brands at affordable prices on eBay. Exploring the different specifications and countries of origin for these products can help you know what to look for when considering these collectible instruments.

Choosing a size for your antique violin

When you see a size measurement for a violin, it refers to the length of the instruments body and ignores both the scroll and the neck. Most classical violins are available in eight primary sizes. Knowing how to size your antique violin can help you choose one that fits your needs. eBay has helpful size categories, so you can sort through violins of various sizes to easily find the one that works for you. The smallest common size is usually one-sixteenth. You can purchase multiple vintage pieces of the same size for a uniform display, or you can buy a complete set of the most common violins in each size. There is a range of instrument sizes for people of all ages.

Can you get used antique violins?

Most of the vintage violins you will find on eBay are pre-owned thanks to their age. However, not every instrument is used. You can find affordable, pre-owned violins in pristine condition that have been used as display pieces rather than musical instruments. Antique violins sold as new should have no visible signs of cosmetic wear from use. A used antique may have some normal signs of use on the surface, but it should still function as a musical device.

What brands make antique violins?

Several companies manufactured violins that are now considered vintage instruments. Some of these companies still produce instruments. A few of the common names you might come across when shopping for vintage violins on eBay are detailed below for easy reference:

  • Amati - This family-owned business crafted violins until the first half of the 18th century. Nicolò Amati improved upon the design of the violins his ancestors made, and you can find his classic instruments on eBay.
  • Bergonzi - Many antique violins from this family of stringed instrument makers in the Cremona region of Italy are available at affordable prices on eBay.
  • Stradivarius - This brand name refers to any violin crafted by members of the Stradivari family in Italy. Some vintage violins that arent from this brand may be done in the same style.

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