Choosing Wallet Cases for Sony Ericsson Cell Phones

People who never leave home without their cell phone and credit cards need a leather accessory that lets them do both without having to carry a heavy purse. A wallet case designed specifically to fit around a cell phone allows users to carry their device, ID, and money at the same time. For some, this case can replace traditional wallets.

Are all Sony Ericsson wallet cases the same?

There are several leather wallets for Ericsson smartphones. Covers are available in several different styles so users can choose one that meets their needs. Some cover styles can be used together or on their own. Styles to choose from include:

  • Shockproof
  • Covers with a kickstand
  • Card pockets
  • Straps
What materials are wallet smartphone covers made of?

The material a wallet phone case is made of is important for lifestyle choices and durability. For instance, latex card pockets may not be as durable as a leather credit card pocket. Someone that uses the card pocket several times a day may want to consider a more durable option such as a leather wallet. Materials used to create cell phone covers may include:

  • Different types of leather
  • Synthetic materials
  • Rigid plastic
  • Gel or rubber
Do Ericsson leather wallet phone cases have a snap closure?

Leather wallets for Sony Ericsson smartphones, with the exception of card pockets, are created with a closure mechanism to prevent cards, money, and other items from falling out. Cases are available with snap closures. Other closure options could be hook and latch systems or magnets built into the case.

Are smartphone wallet cases available with designs or finishes?

Smartphone wallet cases can be created with designs or finishes. Designs, embellishments, or finishes on wallet cases are located on the exterior of cases only so there is no risk of damage to the device. The interior of these cases is usually made from soft materials that help prevent damage from accidental drops.

How thick is a phone with a wallet case?

A Ericsson smartphone wallet is very thin. Placing the device in a wallet case adds to the devices depth and width. Cases with embellishments or 3D designs may add more than plain cases. Slim profile cases add minimal depth and width to a smartphone's size. When the leather cover is closed, the screen of the phone is protected against accidental bumps and drops.

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