Сумки и сумки для переноски ковриков для йоги и пилатеса

How to choose a Yoga or Pilates Mat Carriers?

When you're heading out to yoga or Pilates class, using a carrier or bag makes it a lot easier to grab your yoga mat and go. If you also have water, a towel, and yoga accessories, using a carrier for your mat makes sense. A bag or a yoga mat should either have a convenient handle or a strap to go over one or both shoulders.

What are yoga/Pilates mat bags made out of?

A yoga mat bag has to be sturdy, lightweight, and washable. Some yoga bags use a combination of materials.

  • Cotton: Cotton is soft and easy to clean and can come in a variety of looks. A pocket can be attached to the yoga mat bag to hold small items. This style of tote could have a reinforced strap and a small pocket.
  • Nylon: This material is strong and resistant to tearing or fraying. You can throw your bag in your trunk or around the gym without having to worry about wear and tear. These yoga mat bags dry quickly and can be wiped clean.
  • Polyester: Also strong, polyester is washable and light. Various designs and logos can be printed on these yoga mat bags.

What styles are there to choose from?

  • Carriers/slings: If you want something practical and simple, you can use a mat carrier or sling. A sling usually consists of a long strap with closed loops at either end. You insert the rolled-up yoga mat through both of those closed loops. Some carriers have buckles that you can click together to get a secure fit. They can be adjusted depending on whether you like your bag across your body or only on one side.
  • Mat bags: A yoga mat bag will be long and thin. It may have a drawstring cinch at the top to make sure the yoga mat doesn't slide around. Yoga bags may have one handle or a longer strap to go over your shoulder.
  • Tote bags: If you have other things to take with you to your yoga practice, you can use a tote for a yoga bag. You can put clothes, extra shoes, or whatever you need inside the bottom of the tote. Yoga mat bags are long and just wide enough for a yoga mat to be placed on top of them. When you grab the handles of a bag, you'll be securing your mat in place. Some bags have a buckle that you can attach for extra stability.
  • Backpacks: Using a backpack can free up your hands and give you additional storage space. They either have a spacious compartment or straps that can hold a mat. The compartment can be in front of the yoga bag or at the side. Straps can be located at the side, in front, or on the bottom. They are usually adjustable and often have buckles.