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Information to Help You Choose a ZTE Android Smartphone

The ZTE Android smartphone is a mobile phone that's handy for making phone calls, browsing the internet, downloading mobile applications, and listening to music. You can hold it in your hand and operate it by pressing icons on the touchscreen. You can find them with small, medium, and large screens, depending on your preference.

What features are available on the ZTE Android smartphone?

The features of the ZTE Android phone include being Bluetooth-enabled and having GPS functions and proximity sensors as well as the following:

  • Camera: You can take pictures and make videos with the camera. Cameras are installed on the back or front of your mobile, allowing you to make video calls.
  • Speakerphone: With this feature, you can listen to your calls hands-free when you are unable to hold the device. You can listen to music and hear sounds from videos easily.
  • Touchscreen: The functions on your phone are visible on this screen, and you can control it by touching the icons. Your apps, calendar, and clock are located on this screen.
  • Wi-Fi: Choose and select a connection to access the internet or use a network that is open in your area and browse the Internet.
  • Fingerprint sensor: This feature allows you to log into your phone with your fingerprint and keep your phone safe from uninvited usage.
What styles is the ZTE Android available in?

This Android device comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can find them in black, blue, and gold. They come in different sizes and shapes. Here are some model options:

  • Straight Talk ZTE ZMAX Duo LTE
  • T-Mobile ZTE ZMAX PRO Z981
  • MetroPCS/T-Mobile ZTE Z835
  • ZTE ZMAX Pro Z981
  • ZTE Obsidian Z820 GSM
What are the types of cell service for Android smartphones?

You have the choice between carrier-specific (locked), unlocked, or prepaid cell service:

  • Unlocked: An unlocked smartphone is not locked into one service provider. You are free to use any provider that uses the same access technology as your device.
  • Locked: Your SIM is locked into a specific service provider that has a network lock on your cell service. The use of another carrier is prohibited and service is provided under the contract.
  • Prepaid: With this type of cell service, you are not tied to a contract or agreement with any provider. Your payments are made in advance to enable cell service to your device. When you run out of time, you can buy another plan.