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adidas Alphabounce Sneakers for Men

Energize as You Run With adidas Alphabounce Sneakers for Men

Founded in 1949, adidas gained fame for creating what we now know as the traditional soccer cleat — a shoe with spikes to help soccer players maintain traction on the field. Since then, the company continued to grow its reputation as one of the leading sportswear companies across the globe. adidas makes footwear for many different sports, but in recent years, the brand stepped up its game with its running shoes. One of the most well-known lines of running shoes is the adidas Alphabounce line. These shoes use foam cushioning and motion capture to create shoes that improve the energy of each stride you take and fit like a glove. Ultimately, Alphabounce shoes still retain a reputation as an exceptionally responsive, comfy running shoe.

What type of run are adidas Alphabounce sneakers most suited for?

There are several generations of the adidas Alphabounce sneakers for men, each designed to adapt to certain runner needs. But, each sneaker utilizes tech that allows them provide peak performance in fast-paced settings over a shorter length of time. They do well in short burst exercises, such as high-intensity interval training, sprints, and other quick routines.

What features are included in adidas Alphabounce shoes?

Each generation of the Alphabounce shoe incorporates different features. However, there are some aspects of the shoes that are standard across each generation, such as:

  • Supportive Forgedmesh upper: The uppers on Alphabounce shoes are made to be breathable and to stretch with movement, allowing athletes to naturally change their courses quickly without interference.
  • Textile lining: The outsole of the shoes include a multi-surface grip, which gives you added traction and control of your movements.
  • Bounce+ cushioning: The midsole of the shoes has energized Bounce+ cushioning. This takes energy generated by the movement of the heal and transfers it to the front of the foot, quickening your strides.
Are adidas Alphabounce sneakers for men true to size?

Most athletes found that the Alphabounce line of shoes fit relatively true to size. However, some felt that the shoes were a little on the tight side due to the stretchy fabric, and others felt they were slightly too wide. See the manufacturer site for details about size information.

adidas Alphabounce+ adidas Alphabounce+ Run Em adidas Alphabounce Trainer adidas Alphabounce Beyond 2.0
Available Sizes Men's 5–14 Men's 5–14 Men's 5–16 Men's 4–15
Available Colors 2 4 2 3
Fit True to size Somewhat small True to size Somewhat large
Width Somewhat snug True to size True to size Somewhat roomy
Design Running Drills Training Cross Training
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