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The adidas EQT ADV Sneakers Are Gorgeous Throwbacks

adidas EQT ADV Sneakers

One of the most memorable abbreviations in the entire adidas brand is “EQT.” The abbreviation stands for “adidas equipment.” The adidas EQT line, developed in the 1990s, is one of their most successful lines in adidas history.

The philosophy behind EQT was that the company was going to focus on developing and making shoes and clothing that were built specifically for athletes. These items were going to be completely functional and purposeful, meeting the needs of the athletes that wore them. The line ended up including shoes and gear for athletes like for soccer players, track and field athletes, and basketball players.

Why do athletes like the original adidas EQT sneakers?

With the original EQT sneakers, the company decided to make adidas bask shoes that were built specifically to deliver exactly what basketball players wanted and needed during game play. Any other features were considered superfluous and stripped away. The focus of the EQT line was on performance, comfort, the protection of joints, and any other features that were key to an athlete's performance.

adidas EQT ADV Sneakers

The resulting product was a very minimalist, shoe in the '90s adidas style that instantly became a hit with athletes. What adidas did not expect is that non-athletes would find the shoe amazing as well. That demographic was attracted to the sneaker's relatively minimalist look, and they loved the way that it worked with practically any outfit that they wore. In later years, adidas continued to develop new versions of the EQT. With later versions, the company gave the shoes a modern makeover that provided them with sleeker profiles, Outlast™ sock liners, and knit uppers.

Are EQT Bask ADV basketball sneakers?

The EQT Bask ADV was not designed to be a basketball shoe even though the word “basketball” is in its name. The designers wanted to create a shoe that mimicked the aesthetic of actual basketball shoes from the earlier EQT line. Much of the shoe's look comes from the Equipment 93 series, an extremely popular '90s adidas basketball shoe. People don’t usually wear the shoes to play sports in. Instead, they wear them to look good and on trend. Released in February 2018, the shoes are contemporary mid-cut sneakers that have more of a futuristic look than their predecessors did.

adidas EQT ADV Sneakers

What colorways are available for these adidas basketball shoes?

There are several different colorway options for this shoe. White colorways are extremely popular with people who are looking for more low-key looks. You can get an entirely white shoe with a 3-stripes scarlet accent. This particular version of the shoe also has a scarlet heel patch. Another white option is a completely white shoe with core black accents. The black colorway options are basically like the white but in reverse. One of the all-black options has a white midsole accentuated by gray 3-stripes. It has a royal colored two-tone heel patch. Some later options of the shoes featured cargo green or onyx accents.

What are some of the features of the adidas EQT ADV shoes?

The adidas EQT ADV has many features that appeal to sneakerheads, including:

  • The shoe comes with a distinctive upper made out of knit and soft, suede accents that give the shoe a look that is at once both athletic and luxurious.
  • A pop of color is located at the heel, bringing a whimsical detail to an otherwise neutral shoe.
  • The shoes have cord-like laces that are easy to tie.
  • adidas considers this a wide-fit shoe, so people need to size the shoe accordingly when making their purchase. In spite of the “wide fit” label, the shoe comfortably hugs the foot, creating a snug, secure foundation as the wearer moves about.
  • This shoe comes with a lightweight but chunky EVA midsole that makes people feel like they're walking on clouds when they wear it.
  • It has a TPU outsole. This feature helps make the adidas EQT B Ball shoes light and airy while also ensuring that they're still extremely resistant to wear and tear.
adidas EQT ADV Sneakers

Are the sneakers true to size?

Generally speaking, the sneakers are true to size, bordering on a tad too big and requiring wearers to go down at least a half size. See the manufacturer's site for details.

adidas EQT Bask ADV vs. Nike Zoom Rise:

adidas EQT Bask ADV Nike Zoom Rise
Fit True to size True to size
Closures Laces Laces
Available Colors Multiple Multiple

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