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About Apple iPhone 5
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Apple iPhone 5 Cell Phone
Apple iPhone 5
Screen Size
4.0 inches
Display Resolution
Operating System
iOS 6, upgradeable to 10.3.3
Camera (Rear/Front)
8/1.2 MP
4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches
3.95 oz
Internal Memory
16/32/64 GB
1 GB
Dual-core 1.3 GHz
Battery Capacity
Up to 8 hours 3G talk time (1440 mAh)

Discover More About Apple iPhone 5

Apple has a long history of releasing innovative products. It is no surprise that the iPhone 5 was met with excitement and skepticism when announced in 2012. However, after several years on the market, many people wonder if Apple's newest release is worth the upgrade. While the iPhone 5 is not Apple's newest release from a technological perspective, it still has impressive capabilities that make it a worthy competitor in the smartphone market.

Why iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 was designed to fix some of the more annoying missteps that previous iPhones had taken. It is lightweight and thinner than its predecessors, making it easy to carry in a pocket or purse. The operating system can be navigated using the touch screen built into the frame of the device instead of having to use buttons on the exterior. This intuitive interface allows for quick navigation through applications and text entry.


Another improvement over earlier models is better network connectivity when used with 4G. Users can experience faster download and upload speeds for browsing the internet or streaming videos. The iPhone 5 is compatible with both 4G LTE and HSPA+ networks to be used in any country around the world.


Many consumers are looking to purchase one of these devices as replacements for their laptops, especially after the release of iOS 8. The new operating system allows seamless data transfer between all devices, including PCs, phones, and tablets. Users also have the option to use Apple's iCloud service to automatically upload all photos taken on an iPhone 5 to their computers or other devices.

This increased functionality makes it easier than ever for users to work on projects while away from home, but some consumers have voiced concerns. The iPhone 5 has a small 4-inch screen, making it difficult to create or edit large files. In addition, its battery life is limited, only lasting up to eight hours of constant use before needing a recharge.

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