Vintage Prom Dresses for Women Are Becoming Stylish

Just because a dress is vintage, it doesn't mean it isn't stylish. Styles come and go over and over again. An 80s or 90s vintage prom dress available for sale on eBay may be just what you are looking for.

Who are the makers of vintage dresses?

There were a number of makers for formal dresses in the 80s. These include Nadine, Gunne Sax, Karl Logan, Dave and Johnny, Roamans, Cachet, Precious Moments, and others. Many dresses from the 80s are also handmade.

Basic styles of 80s prom dresses

There are many style considerations when looking at prom dresses including:

  • Sleeves: Many of the dresses don't have sleeves. However, many that do tend to have poufy sleeves.
  • Necklines: You can find V-necks, round necks, high necks, and low necks. Spaghetti straps and strapless are also often seen. Another neckline you will find in 80s prom dresses is a one-shoulder neckline.
  • Skirts: Skirts can be found in any length from full length to above knee. Many of the dresses have a slim skirt. Another thing often seen in the skirt is ruffles of many kinds. A few of the 80s prom dresses have a full skirt with lots of fabric.
  • Embellishments: One thing that you will see a lot of is large bows or fabric flowers. These can be found in the back, on the front, or over one shoulder. You can also find sequins, lace, and beads.
  • Colors: You will find a few pastels. However, most of the dresses are more intense colors. Colors include black, royal blue, dark pink, and purple.
Judging correct size for a vintage 80s dress

The sizing of women's clothing has changed dramatically over the years. A dress that was a size 16 in 1980 could easily have a sizing of 8 or 10 in the current market. In addition, different makers often use different sizing in order to make a woman feel smaller.

For these reasons, you may want to choose an 80s prom dress by measurements. You will need to measure your bust, waist, and hips. Once you have the measurements, you can consult a 1980s size chart to gauge your size. In addition, many of the 80s prom dresses on eBay have measurements in the specifics so you can be sure what you are getting. Remember that these measurements are probably of the dress itself, so you'll want to make sure you have a little breathing room.